Sunday, October 07, 2007

Womens movies

It seems the weekend for womens movies as I saw 2 and they were both wonderful. Right now in the theaters you can see The Jane Austen Book Club. You don't need to have read all of Jane's books to enjoy the movie. It is interesting to go see a movie that you know nothing about. This all began because the power went out yesterday. I live out in the ocuntry and when the power goes out it means several things. First no electricity, which means the pump for our sepric tank does not work, the heat is off of course, no internet of course, the blower on the fireplace does not work and so forth. I had been just about ready to finish cleaning my studio so I could work on my painting. Not enough light down in the Art room to do even that. So what does a gal do, I chose going to a movie. Dave was deep in the thralls of a David Balducci novel so I called my friend Amy and we went together. I really enjoyed it, the acting was great, the gal who played the French teacher has her part right on. Its definetly a feel good movie.

The next flick is wonderful, I missed it when it was a t the theater so I was delighted it was now out on DVD. I had read Susan Minot's novel so I was well versed with the story. It has an incredible cast of characters. At once I noted that Natasha Richardson plays one of the daughters and she is Vanessa Redgrave's daughter. What I did not realize until I saw the special features section of the DVD is that Mamie Gummer is Meryl Streep's daughter and they play the same character at different times in her life. This movie was just beautiful, the setting the story the acting, it is definetly one I will want to buy.

Since I did not manage any Art due to the power being out hopefully today I will be able to do so. The power was out for about 6 hours and by then it was too late and my momentum was gone. Last night I did finish cleaning the studio and getting all my supplies ready. So today I have no excuses.

Quote of the day: "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." ~Scott Adams


Julie Marie said...

I had had plans to see "Jane Austen's Book Club" on Saturday but did not feel up to snuff when the day arrived so stayed home all day. I will definitely make sure I see it.

I saw "Evening" when it was in Bis. this summer and really liked it. I had read Susan Minot's book years ago and don't remember much about it except that I liked the movie even better. I don't understand why it got bad reviews.


Olivia said...

Thanks for the movie recommendations, Kate. I'd heard lots of good things about both, and I'm especially excited about "Evening". I'm glad that I generally don't read professional reviews, but like to rely on lay reviews from people who are like me and appreciate the same types of things I do. I'm looking forward to seeing both. Thanks!

KaiBlueCreations said...

Oh Im so glad you got to see evening. I wrote a spot about it on my blog a few months back after reading the magic of the book..
I'd love to see the movie again, so thanks for letting me know it's out Kate.. :)
Peace, Kai xx