Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A shrine for my Dad

For my Be Brave item yesterday I tackled the printer scanner copier that we bought some time ago. I have never been able to get the scanner to work. It would copy and print fine but scanning to a file was non-existent. Part of the problem was Vista but that seemed fixed when I downloaded a new driver. Still my only option was to scan to wordpad and when I tried that I got garbage. I wanted to be able to scan to a pdf like my old scanner had. I have half of my grandparents letters scanned that way so to start over would be daunting. I spent many hours on the help files at Hewlett Packard and still no luck and then tonight I thought I would try again. It works fantastic now, when I look back on this their documentation is horrendous. The only way I got this to work is by my persistence. I am so happy to have figured this out.

After going to the Day of the Dead service and adding my mom's shrine to the altar it occurred to me that I should make one for my dad too. This is the front, it is the oldest picture I could find.

On the inside I have 2 pics from later in life and words representing things he liked like making cheesecake, having a garden, playing cards etc. These little shrines are fun to make. For some reason the paint keeps coming off this one and I don't know why as I made it the same way I did the other one. Oh well thats the way it works sometimes.

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KaiBlueCreations said...

I like the idea of having shrines to keep the sentiment of the person in.
I like using the altoid tins, but some hold the paint better the others.

this one of Bill is awesome,
peace and happy Halloween, Kai xx