Monday, October 15, 2007

Being Brave leads to Linda Darnell

For the Be brave challenge yesterday I took the day off. My stomach was bothering me all day and I just did not have it in me to blog or do anything scary.

Linda Darnell

Now today I went to my friend Kay's house and she did a quantum touch healing on me. She is a new practitioners and needs 60 hours under her belt so I gladly volunteer to be a test subject. Well I have this rash on my foot which is most likely psoriasis and while she worked on me I saw the connection between it and my father. When he was alive he had psoriasis really bad. So it is like this is a message from him. We have a lot of unresolved issues.

This led to a lot of soul searching and to Linda Darnell. Now my dad used to say I looked like her, it was embarrassing every time he said it. Well I never even saw her in a movie and I have no idea what she looked like. Its just one of those childhood things that we like to forget. So my challenge today was to do a search on Linda and find out who she was and so forth. She was an actress in the 40's and 50's and died in 1965. As you can tell she was one gorgeous actress so it feels weird to be compared to her. I think this is probably something I needed to do to forgive my dad and move on.

This be brave challenge is taking me places I never thought of going.


Sheila said...

I remember seeing her in old movies. It is quite nice to be compared to her in looks, don't be too modest.I saw that challenge, but hadn't followed up on it. You are brave.

KaiBlueCreations said...

I have seen Linda on turner classic movies which Mr Dan and I try to watch each sunday morning..

She is a lovely woman, and your dad was right to compare Linda to you..or visa versa...

But I dont think that's the message here.. You and your dad are.
Peace, hugs and love,

Anonymous said...

Feel's like a Weight lifted off you doesn't it?

I can see it. The similarities in you and Linda's features. I seen some of her movies too.

How's your foot?

Have a Blessed Week!

Flassie's Fil'a

tinker said...

I can see resemblances there. I'm glad you're finding some healing, Kate. ((hugs))