Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Ramblings

I made this little drawing yesterday. The second crow in a series. I think I will keep doing these until I end up with something I really like. I think when I have a whole bunch of
drawings done and then place them side by side I will actually be able to see some
progress. I did not reduce the bird enough to really fit on this page, either that or I should use larger paper.

My Be brave challenge for yesterday was a simple one I just needed to send an email and ask for something. Not much of a fear but I have been avoiding so I believe it counts just as well. This morning I got a return email with a positive response. I do not know why I waited this long. Fear is such a silly thing.

Last night I tried drawing a person again. I am not happy with this one but its all a process. My friend Julie says that we all draw people who look like us. When I started thinking about this and looking at other artists I find that its true. Misty's paintings are all flowy and wispy and that is what she is like. Violette are fun and funky and that is what she is too. I think Suziblue's girls look like her too. Lisa O, your new girls have a round face like you and a cute outlook on life. Its looks like we are really putting what is in our soul on the page. I guess mine has been angry a lot lately. She looks a little stern.

I am in this round robin book swap and its due Nov 1 but I wanted to have it done before NaNoWriMo starts. I took the 2 covers which are chipboard and put gesso on them and then I put them in a safe place, you guessed I can not find them anywhere. I feel like I have looked everywhere in my studio but still can't find them. I hate when I do things like this.


Janet said...

I think your drawing looks like you. I wonder what that says about me though....many of my drawings have faces left blank!

I can really relate to putting the book covers away and not being able to find them now. That's something I do all the time. Then I find them when it's long past the time!

Olivia said...

I think she looks like you, too, Kate, but I think she looks sad :(

I agree too that fear is a silly thing when it stops us from what we want to do or need to do! Good for you for prevailing and writing that email---YAY!!

Keep on being brave, you're doing fantastic! Love, O

Anonymous said...

Hope you find what you are looking for. Great that you got a positive response back. Those types of things build faith. So keep being brave and replace fear with Faith!!!

I don't see stren. I see sadness and concern. Like she is thinking. You know when you start thinking about sometthing and it takes a couple of tries before you hear someone saying your name? It's like she is in deep thought.
Great eye on that crow and feathers too.

Have a Blessed Week! Flassie

tinker said...

I like both your crow and your portrait - she looks very serious to me, like she's thinking deep thoughts.

I hate when I put things somewhere for safekeeping, then can't find them. Hope you find what you need soon.