Thursday, October 11, 2007


The video saga continues, I realized I could also use my digital camera to make videos. So I tried making a video of the heart book. It ended up being 458Mb long and utube's limit is 100mb. So I guess I will redo it in much smaller increments. Now I tried something much shorter and it is still way too big. It was only 50 seconds so maybe I have a setting wrong on the webcam or something. I guess its time to go back and read the book.

I found this book at the library about 2 weeks ago and it is excellent. I just picked it up to look into. Violette this is your fault, with all your videos, now I want to do them too. I also found there is an editing program right on my computer. Its nothing fancy but I ought to be able to do simple things. The book tells all about everything and where to get free software and so forth. I think I will have to buy a copy now.

Here is a page I did on Sarah last night. She was supposed to come home this weekend and I was really looking forward to seeing her. It got canceled and now I am disappointed. This is an old picture of her but it is still nice.

I have been sort of manic about art lately, if its the end of the day and I haven't done something even minor I can't go to sleep. I think thats why I have been doing these simple journal pages. They fill that void somehow. I want to do another painting, I think I am hooked on that now.

Be Brave

My challenge today was to make a Dr. appt to get a rash looked at. I have this big fear that its psoriasis. I had excema as a child but outgrew it and this looks different. My dad had psoriasis really bad so I certainly don't want that. I have been using cortaid and it helps a little but not enough. So I call the Dr. and they put me on hold forever and I finally hang up. I then talk to my friend Ginger who tells me about some other remedies I might try. It was like the Universe set that up so I wouldn't make the appointment. I think it was important that I made that step and faced that fear. Another thing that going on is I stopped going to physical therapy. I have either done too much or something as I am having lots of pain again. It may just be a bad muscle pull or something like that. I decided to take a couple weeks break to see if it got better. Well I just learned a friend took a Quantum Healing class and needs someone to practice on. So she is going to work on me this afternoon. I hear that she can do amaziing things now. I am ready for that.


Sheila said...

Sorry to hear you are in pain, I hope your friend is able to help.
I have a little rash on my tum, but I feel I am always at the Dr's these days, so I will take a wait and see approeach..LOL

Mizutaka said...

Aww, squishy. *hug*

tinker said...

I love the colors on your journal page - your daughter's lovely picture shines out from it.

I'm sorry you're not feeling well - hope the quantum healing session worked wonders for you~xox