Monday, October 01, 2007

October begins

On Friday we took a trip to Market Lake and were rewarded with some great pictures.

This is the baby owl all grown up.

This Red Tailed hawk posed for pictures. He stood on the post for some time and I was able to get lots of shots, this being the best one. We also saw Pelicans, Coots and Stellar Jay's.
So much starting today.

DOTTSYED Do one thing that scares you every day. I had plans for something today but when I started the write fling this morning with butterflies in my stomach and knew in my heart there was nothing to be afraid of I found I was afraid so I just ignored the feeling and just did it. I guess there was some fear involved but under the surface. So I was able to do something that scared me along with my first requirement for the Write Fling.

Over the weekend I bought this. Its full of great ideas just like their first book Visual Chronicles. I like the idea of a fake filmstrip and fake Polaroids. They are easy to do and have fun applications. If your journaling is at a stand still and needs a lift I recommend you check out this book.

The only thing I would like to see them do it to move beyond simple supplies and see what they could so with Shiva paint sticks, watercolors, or any of the other countless things that you can use on a journal page.. One thing I have never done that they focus on is to use particular lettering to show the emotion on the page. I usually use whatever I have or my own writing but I can see how the use of lettering can have an impact on the page. So they have lots of new things I will try.

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KaiBlueCreations said...

OH he is such a handsome fellow now's he's fully grown Kate. I adore the birds you have there.
I like the journal idea.. I need somewhere to keep my story ideas for next month.. :)

PEace, Kai