Thursday, October 25, 2007

Insomnia strikes again

I have been having insomnia really bad so I slept most of yesterday to catch up. My insurance company refused to pay for my acid reflux meds so I have been doing with out it. That just means I have not been feeling too well. I finally got the insurance company to pay for it. So now it may take another few days to feel good but at least that is a start. I am going to try meditating and doing some reiki on myself before I go to sleep. I am hoping that will help.

A little bit of Art

I did these pages the last couple nights when I couldn't sleep. This first one I hat painted a face and disliked it so that I threw gesso over it and made a collage.

This one I just played with papers and decided to journal on the rest of the page. I really like the shade of green in the paper. It is so soothing.

For my Be Brave challenge I started a little watercolor painting yesterday. It needs more work so I will post that another day. Today I had a healing with my friend Kay and we worked on body issues. I faced those fears and was able to talk to Kay about some deeply buried things from my childhood. I think that will qualify for todays bravery.

Dave and I signed up to take a Swing Dancing class. Our first class was last night. We took a class 20n years ago and unfortunately we don not remember a thing. The problem is he does not know how to lead. I danced with the instructor and its amazing how different it is when your partner know what they are doing.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been busy. I'm glad that the insurance will pay for your meds now. I definately know how it is to have to deal with those issues.
Dealing with childhood issues IS brave. I think, you did good! :)It's good that you have a friend to talk to. :) Wonderful post! *HUGS*

KaiBlueCreations said...

Im glad you're feeling better Kate. I think it's beautiful that you do hand written journal pages. :)
Dancing is fun but I have 2 left feet,lol..
peace n love, Kai xx

Pam Aries said...

Girl..go to the store and get Prilosec. It works and is over the counter. only 1o bucks for 2 weeks worth. Swing dancing is difficult tto learn! It sounds like you had fun! ..Thank you for the Halloween card! Yay! it is fun to get mail!!!

Janet said...

You should have insomnia more often!! I love the pages you created while up late.

Hope you're feeling better by now. That swing dancing class would scare me to death! I've got two left feet and absolutely no rhythm!

Olivia said...

Enjoy your sleep, Kate, and get lots of good rest!

I used to have esophageal reflux and was on nasty nasty Protonix for a long time. So glad to be off it. I hope you feel better,

Love, O

miss*R said...

Hi Kate! thankyou so much for commenting on my blog..

ahhh, things from our childhood.. sometimes very difficult to face or even talk about.. if you read back a few posts on my blog, you will see that I have faced and voiced a big demon from my childhood.. and now, I feel like my soul is lighter and I can go forward..
good luck with your journey xo

miss*R said...

oh and by the way - I am not sure of your acid reflux problem but have you ever tried slippery elm bark powder?

Julie Marie said...

I really like these. I do lean toward art work with blues and greens in them (and purples!).