Monday, March 31, 2008

Sakura Con

I am still sick with the flu so I will write about Sarah instead. Sakura Con is a convention for those enthralled with Anime, Japanese animation for those of you who have no kids. Sarah's character is from Final Fantasy X.

Sarah went to Sakura con in Seattle and here she is in her costume. I did the sleeves and she did everything else with a little assistance from her roomate brenna. I basically helped pick out fabric and gave a lot of advice. I think she did an awesome painting job. Both the Obi and skirt are hand painted.

Here she is with Brenna and another Convention goer.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Funny Video

I saw this on my friend Sue's blog and had to share.

It will bring a smile to your face, This is the same group that did the freeze video.

I am still feeling yucky but managed to draw this last night while watching LOST which was a disappointing rerun.

I drew this the other day, I was copying a drawing on another blog just to learn to do different faces. I wanted to give credit to the original artist but I can not remember whose blog it was. I hope they will understand.

Here is my turtle card for the Healing & Inspiration Deck. Its very pastel and watery looking so it doesn't photograph well. Hopefully it will scan well for the printing.

I have been struggling about my second card, I did a crow card didn't like it , then I was going to do a dragonfly and didn't like my preliminary attempts so I think I am going to do something totally differently. When I think of what inspires me or what is healing they are one in the same. So now I am thinking of meditation or music or the ocean. Now its just a matter of how to capture that in a tiny 2.75 X 4 inch card. Oh well something will come.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Down but not out

I have been challenged by this new diet, yes I am always hungry and now I have a stomach flu. I spent the day on the couch yesterday just feeling blah but today it feels like that nausea you get with the flu so I guess I will take it easy today, again.

We got a couple inches of snow this morning and wind so its miserable out. Just when I thought spring was coming. The robins and Dove's are back and I saw a woodpecker yesterday too. So there is hope. I'll be back when I feel a little better.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looking for Wildlife in the Spring

Its been a busy weekend. We've been wildlife searching. We spent Saturday at Market Lake, here is the video I made that day.

Yesterday Dave took off work early so we could see this owl its called a Saw Whet and it is rare to find it in our area. It is so little compared to the owls we usually see.

It was asleep and was so cute, more like a stuffed animal, I resisted the urge to pick it up and cuddle it.

Here is a view with one eye open, I guess it was watching up the whole time.

Then we saw this friendly guy, probably tired from his duties on Sunday.

Next we saw many swans

and Snow geese, they are a favorite of mine to see.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Start with a flower

Here is a page I did from one of Suziblu's challenges. Just draw a flower and see what else results. So thats what I did, mine are pretty one dimensional but I still like them. I used Folkart paints in my moleskin.

New Eating

I have discovered if you want to start a new eating plan it helps if you haven't gone grocery shopping in a long time. I have all this food that I have to eat up first, isn't that silly. I think I am going to take my cheese over to a meeting next week. Right now I trying to eat sensibly but may move into doing the South Beach diet in a modified version. That is basically one of the white diets, no potatoes, no sugar, white flour, pasta etc. All these diets always have you eating fish so being allergic to fish makes the choices even more limited for me. So I think I will read up a little and try one of these but add my own spin to it.

Artsy stuff

I finished up my latest Round robin and I won't show it because its very simple. I ended up using a lot of decorative paper just because they seemed perfect for the theme which was fall. You can't go wrong with paper that has leaves and pumpkins and sunflowers. My pages were fun but simple and not very artsy I'm afraid.

I am in that Healing and Inspiration Deck swap so that will be my next focus. I decided to do one of the cards on turtle medicine, similar to what I did on the journal page but a little different of course. I am not sure what else I do, I seem to be drawn to animals so one on the crow would be cool too. I will just see what develops.

My painting class starts soon, I have most of the supplies gathered was out looking for something yesterday and ran into canvases at 50% off. I had ordered come 11 x 14's from Daniel Smith since they have a great sale but this store had some different sizes so I picked up some of them just to see what I might like to use in the future. I got an 8 x 10 and a 12 x 12, 16 x 20 and 12 x 24. I usually like just standard sizes since they are easier to frame but it will be fun to play with these. The store was marketing these for scrapbook style pieces and home decorating. I thought that was interesting.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Play day and Peace

Some weeks my days are really filled in until Thursday gets here. Its like I can say ah Thursday I don't have to do anything today if I don't want. I have a great desire to stay in pajamas all day and do whatever strikes me at the moment. That may mean Art or weaving or being on the computer for hours or just reading. It makes for a nice day, a little way to recharge.

I have been collecting supplies for my Painting Faces classes. I am happy that I already have lots of the supplies. I would have thought I had every type of paintbrush but of course I don't. I have never used mop brushes so it will be interesting to see how they are used. I probably could have used my filberts but I think if I want to get the full benefit from the class I should use the supplies recommended. I had to get some fixative too. I really could use it on my other drawings so it will get double use. I like when that happens.

I attended a peace rally yesterday and it was a great time, these events locally just seem to get bigger as each year of the war goes on. I took some video but I have not downloaded it or edited it yet. I was on the nightly new, my little claim to fame this week. We had 5 minutes of silence for each year of the war where people either froze or lay down to represent all those killed in the war. We also did a candle light vigil for those fallen. It was an animated group of people of all ages. Some people brought their dogs with little sandwich board signs on them. I really liked seeing all the dogs, that was great to having them participate too. Here is the video I took.

We now have his and her scopes for wildlife viewing. D got one for me to use, its a big heavy duty thing that should hold up during windy days. It has the capability to use a camera with it. So maybe when we head to Yellowstone this year I will be able to come back with some incredible pictures.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Challenges

I just wrote this post for my 100 day challenge group and think its probably important enough to share here too.

One of my intentions for this season2 challenge was to eat better and exercise more and I think it was one of those that I added on to the end. It wasn't a major focus although something I have wanted to do. I can't say i have been diligent with it at all. In fact the other day i was lamenting to myself, why is it that I keep making lousy food choices. On one had these choices give me comfort on some level but can make me miserable on others. I have an acid reflux problem so eating some things really does make sleeping at night miserable. So the question is why do I still do it, Some of this is the Ego making me think I need these things but maybe its more than that. I did ask the Universe for help on this matter and also thought I wonder what its going to take to make me change. Well the Universe I think supplied the answer yesterday.

I had my annual womens checkup yesterday and found out my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are way off the scale. My Dr. has suggested a low fat diet for 6-8 weeks, increase exercise and then to get checked again. If there is no improvement then I am going to need to go on medication. The one thing I hate is taking medications, I already have 3 that I have to take every day and I am determined not to have to take anything else. This is a strong motivator for me but I am not certain if it will be enough to counteract a lifetime of not eating right. In some ways it feels like that this is the time I will be able to change this pattern and I am excited to start on this journey. I mean how many bags of potato chips does a person really need to eat in a lifetime!

I am putting this out there cause I know I am going to need your support and encouragement in the next few months. This is a journey I want to go on and I don't think I would be doing so if I weren't doing the challenge. I know that you'll be going on it with me and that in itself is a major help. Thanks for reading this long post. I love you all.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An eventful trip

I am back from the trip to McCall and what an adventure it turned out to be. Sadly I did not take any pictures so you will have to use your imagination here.

We had a lovely ride up there. McCall is a really beautiful area, they had tons of snow and it was quite picturesque. We stayed with Kay's sister and brother in law. we went out to a local place for dinner and spent the evening quietly at home. The real adventure did not begin till Thursday.

First let me tell you about the van, Its a 1973 VW van with the bed that lifts up on the top. This van was in a field for ten years before my friend acquired it. She got a high school age boy to make it his school project and he along with her sister who is an upholsterer worked on it on and off for 2 years. The inside is nice with all new seats and a great stereo system, they removed the stove but it has nice cupboards and a bed too. The outside of course looks old it needs a paint job badly. She plans to take the vehicle to Mexico where she plans to work at some Organic farms.

All went smooth until about 150 miles from home. She had added some oil the last time we stopped. NOW black smoke was coming out of the back. We found the oil was low again and their was oil all over the engine...not a good sign. We left the vehicle on the side of the road on the freeway and then she got in the car with me and we drove to the next town Burley, which was only 5 miles away.

While in the gas station looking up mechanics in the yellow pages we asked the clerk if there was a VW repairman. She was a teenager so had no clue. At this point someone in the gas station said he knew a mechanic and he was just a block away so we followed him. He introduced us to the mechanic and his wife who ran the office. they were very nice, it was 4:45 at the time and they stayed open to help. He suggested we add more oil and then come back and he would look at it. So we picked up some oil and drove back to where the car was. We added oil and headed back to Burley. After looking at it he thought the engine needed to be rebuilt, something about a seal needing replacement. We asked if we could drive it home and he said to keep oil in it and then to drive slow. So for the last 150 miles we drove 50 mph on the freeway to get home. It took forever but we got home safe and sound. The joys of owning a VW van right Kai and Pam.

Here is a pic of Sarah and her boyfriend Kyle when the went Salsa Dancing. College kids get to have all the fun...

I got the supply list for my painting faces class and luckily there are only a few things I need to buy. Its is 2 weeks and I can't wait to begin.

Here is my latest pencil drawing. I think its time to get a different view to start playing with. Its been suggested to try drawing faces from magazines so I may just do that next time.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Top of the Morning to You

The Top of the Morning to You..... and the balance of the day to Yerself. That was the Irish greeting in my family on St. Patrick's Day. So I hope you'll all be wearing the Green today... Oh you say the first part to someone and they say the second part back to you.

Norah, thanks so much for the card, my mom used to send those all the time so it was a nice thing to get. It made me think of you and her too.

I've got a long post started about my adventure last week but I will post it later.
Have a wonderful green filled day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All dressed up with nowhere to go

I feel like a person all dressed up with nowhere to go. My one appointment today was for my annual exam and the office called fifteen minutes before I needed to leave to cancel it. Its strange if I didn't have the appointment I would be doing a trillion other things but now since I have showered dressed eaten and put on makeup I feel like I need to be going somewhere. Its hard to switch gears at the last minute.

Tomorrow I head up to McCall Idaho to help out a friend. She has a van up there being repaired. We'll go together in her car and the going back I will drive her car and she will drive the van. We are spending the night at her sisters house. Its a 7 hour drive so we won't do it in one day. I have never been to McCall so it should be an interesting trip.

I have been reading this

and it is so excellent, I am working on the curiosity exercises and finding them to be very profound. The first thing you do is write down 100 questions which I found to be hard to do. Then you pick your top ten and then one of those and come up with 10 questions about it. It is a very interesting exercise to do. I recommend this book to anyone exploring creativity in their lives or working any kind of project.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Evening

Ah the changing of the clocks always is an adjustment. I decided to in part take it easy today but also spend some time in the studio. I painted the paper for a new journal cover and made the journal today. I tried all day to get the pictures to upload with no success so I am back on Monday trying again. For some reason it will only let me load one picture at a time.

This is the front, those are a series of butterfly's on the front. When I was putting paint on the paper I added some Shiva oil sticks and ended up with a hole on the paper somehow. So I covered it up with more paper. I could have worked around it if I had seen it before I cut the piece out. Then I found a hole on the back too.

Here are the inside covers. At first I couldn't find any end papers in my stash that I liked so I layed down cream card stock and then this music paper over the top. I think it looks ok, its not jazzy but the music notes are cool in their own right.

This is the back of the journal. The colors look a little washed out, its prettier in person. This one is full of watercolor paper and it all sort of different brands which made it difficult to make but I think it will still work out for art. Right now it won't close. That happened with the other journal I made to but now its ok so I think this one will settle down a little. I am going to put something heavy on it to see if that helps

Saturday I got these bundle of goodies in the mail from Violette. There is a lovely card along with bookmark, magnet and more of her Art. She is such a sweetie.

I especially liked the sticker with the bubble and message, it was like she was saying hello and I could actually see her. A really nice touch.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I was feeling pretty down and depressed today so what's a girl to do. Well Art of course.

Samantha Kira did a post on this prompt "I should" so I decided to do one too. I started out trying to make a lovely gold background but there was green paint on the credit card I used to paint with so I had a mess. So I just left it and worked around it. The second page I tried again but instead of nickel azo gold I picked up burnt sienna. I guess there is no way I was going to make a gold page today.

I took myself to lunch to cheer myself up. There is a Mexican place in town where I can eat for under $5.00 so that's where I went. After my meal I drew this. I recently bought a couple Derwent graphic pencils and really like them.

Then in the afternoon I was playing around while watching TV and drew this lady with the half face. She was fun.

I hope you had some time today to do a little Art for your peace of mind.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Give Her a Call

Its my mothers birthday today. She would have been ninety today. I am missing her smile and her laugh and her soul. Go give your mother a call if you can. Time is always precious.

Here is a picture of my parents taken long ago.

Costume Saga Continues:

I used Rit dye remover on the sleeve and it took the pink out and also made the beige color white. Now the sleeve is a different color and won't match the other sleeve or the rest of the costume. Sarah has more fabric so she'll mail it to me so I can make another sleeve. Hopefully the dyeing will work better the next time. I think I will try dyeing on some more samples before I do the actual sleeve again. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What's going on here

Everything is breaking

Sunday my hair dryer broke and then yesterday my vacuum cleaner broke. I spent the afternoon shopping for a new vacuum. This is what I ended up with after going to 4 stores. It is quieter than my old vacuum and cleans much better too, that is a plus.

Dyeing fiasco's

I am dyeing the sleeves for Sarah Final Fantasy costume. they are supposed to be pink at the bottom and gradually get lighter. I did a sample which look good. Then when I got back to dyeing the sleeves the dye water was cool so I heated the water up and then tried to do the sleeve. Oops, big mistake, solid color no gradation. A quick run to the store to buy some color remover was in order. Now I need to remove the color and start again. Oh what fun...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Turtle Power

Suzi blu did a video on Mola's and her journal challenge this week is to do a page on your power animal or on an animal you have an affinity for. This is my page. I used paint and portfolio oil pastels, stamps, markers and a sharpie fine point pen. It was fun to do. Why don't you try one of your own.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Playing with another camera

I got a separate memory card so I could play with Dave's camera. He has a Sony Cybershot DHC H9. It has a much better zoom than my camera has so I will be testing it for some time. I love my Panasonic Lumix but sometimes I would really like a camera the can do more.

This is Astro, what a face....

Here is Flynn watching as I feed the sheep.

Then my eagle buddy a little closer. We had a red winged black bird on our feeder so perhaps spring is on its way. Soon I have new things to photograph.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A couple of sketches

Its cold and snowy and windy and miserable out today. There was a coyote in the field behind us and Dave was rushing to get a picture and he slipped on the ice fell on his knees and twisted his back. So he has been in bed all day.

I have been reading my grandmothers letters from 1901-1903 this afternoon and wow I can't stop. Now that I have them in order its easy to follow their story. Can you imagine your salary being $10.00 a month. Then there was the time her sister after giving birth almost went mad. The doctors wanted to throw her into an insane asylum but the family resisted and nursed her back to health themselves. Then there are stories between the lines when you have to guess what is going on. Such fascinating reading amongst the mundane normal stuff.

I had some extra paper left over from making the journal so I have been sketching on it at odd moments.

I drew this scary lady around 4 o'clock this morning she sort of reminds me of Joni Mitchell. Now that I say that I think her cheek bones are not high enough.

This afternoon I went for a totally different look.

I hope you are having some fun this weekend.