Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Look What I Got in the Mail

My Be brave challenge for yesterday was to make this video for the 100 day reality challenge. It is very personal and I really had to tell the truth about some issues in my life. It was scary to say it on tape but even more scary to upload it and now to see what kind of reaction I will get. Here is the link if you are at all interested. Excuse the bad hair day, I swear I did my hair and makeup but I look like a ghost or something. Maybe its a Halloween trick.

Here is my latest pencil drawing. I did this while watching Heroes.

Mahala sent me this piece of Art for my book that JudiRedhead sent me awhile ago, some of the glitter sisters have been making pages for it.

and this one too! I now have pages from Judi and Pam and Ninnie, now how cool is that!

Here is an ATC she did of me, what a cool idea.


craftyhala said...

The flowers are fibers that you made and posted a while back.
I figured you could write on the B is for butterfly page. The little page slides in between the leaf ribbon.
Hope you like them!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Mahala is so creative isn't she.

Your gal look's like she is sad or concerned about something or dissapointed. You can see it in her eyes.

Have a Blessed Week!

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Can't post on utube. Lighting is a lot better. At the end you were cut off though.
You might check out some websites I posted on my blog today. Joyce Meyer also wrote a book I haven't read yet called, The Confident Woman. Her monthly magazine is called, Enjoying Everyday Life. Mark Gungor's website is about Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage. I seen them on tbn.
May the Lord Shower You With
Many Blessing's of a Joyful Heart!

altermyworld said...

Hi Kate, I am constantly giving my power to others, ie my husband. and letting how he feels toward somethign sway me, therefore not being true to my own needs. I have recently begun to "OWN" how i feel, how i do art, how i react and don't react, what i need and what i don't need. And i do it so that my husband understands this is not about him but about my needs. And what i need from him to support me, it is working. it is working. I wish you peace and love and joy and the power to find it, whatever that may be.