Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A new Baby in the Neighborhood

My neighbor Phebe came over to tell me that her pony had a filly. This was a total surprise as they had no idea she was pregnant.

I think she is just the cutest thing. I have never been this close to a filly before so it was quite the treat for me. She has the softest hair and a cute disposition.

I finished up the journal pages. My idea was to take an old book and cut out the book and use the covers for this journal. I got the book apart just fine but I made a major error. The depth of pages fit the spine just fine, but I forgot about the width. The pages will stick out of the book about an inch. So now I need to go get another book the right size.

I am continuing with the challenge of changing some things on my blog. I tried getting the blogger file link to work again today. I tried a whole new way but it still does not work. Are there any html/blogger experts out there?
I intended to try drawing from a photograph, picked a picture, printed it out but then I never got the time to do it so I will tackle that tomorrow.

Tonight I was cleaning up my art room and found some Tyvek and thought I would paint on it. I used Golden fluid acrylics and a credit card. That was fun.

Now I am making beads out of the paper. Its pretty late so I will play with these tomorrow, maybe add some wrapping or some of the other fun stuff that Kelli Perkins did in Cloth Paper Scissors


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!
I think it was Violettes
that I posted a website
that gave you different
ways to roll beads up.
It might of been on Kelly's
site, but I think it was
Violettes. I'll go check.

Have a Blessed Week!

Flassie's Fil'a

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is at Violettes
where I posted it. Just
look up Cloth Paper Scissors.
Scroll down to the added words
with Kelly Perkins and Chunky
Beads that Judiredhead posted
and it is posted on one of my
posts in that thread. I posted
more than once I think. I think
it is right under Kelly's post.
Flassie's Fil'a

Anonymous said...

Kelli I mean!!!

Pam Aries said...

OH MY!! A baby..I thin kthat is the coolest surprise EVER!!! Please kiss her for me!..girl,your journal pages rock! ..And..Funnyy..but I have been planning to make some of those beads from that very same article!

tinker said...

Such a pretty little filly - I wish I could pet her!

The words I love most on your journal pages are (I hope I'm quoting it right): "I want to try EVERYTHING" - I can so identify with that! The pages are looking lovely, too.

I didn't see the article on the beads - but I remember we used to make rolled paper beads when I worked with Girl Scouts - seeing yours, made me want to try that again - because I want to try EVERYTHING, lol!

altermyworld said...

ahhhhhhhh that baby is so darn cute. i just want to kiss the top of his head.
I would love to do a rolodex swap with you, i just made mine out of WC paper and backed with cardstock. I also decorate both sides.You are welcome to hang some fibers from the top and charms etc, however please keep the front and back of the card fairly flat as i want them to fit in properly. does that sound doable? Too many rules?? I don't need the slits as i keep mine in a basket. You?
They are 3x5. google them to see the size. I would love if you drew me something. Would you like one of my girls or something else? Please do let me know.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say I love
your pages and that
Filly is so Cute! I
wonder why they didn't
know she was pregnant?
I guess her belly must of
stayed the same size or
they thought she was eating
a bit more in the summer
months and thought that was
all it was. LOL! Flassie

Anonymous said...

WOW! The neighbors pony is just sooo pretty!I absolutely love your pages! Uggg Cleaning up your art room. If I cleaned up my art room it would take ages! There are things piled up everywhere. I just organize things to the best of my ability in small amounts each day. That way I'm not taking on to much. Your art room probably doesn't look at all like mine though. I'm the opposite of neat and clean. R you going to the blog Halloween party? I haven't been able to get my computer to act right so I could only comment sometimes on things. Such is life...R you ok? How are things going?

Kate said...


Thanks for the mention of Violette's board. I went and found the entry just fine thanks to your instructions.