Friday, October 19, 2007

Winning Prizes

Today I stopped at Roberts a craft store they had 50% off coupons and specials all day and I won this. The top red item is a 6 x6 Scrapbook and the bottom is basically a box or storage item. They had this drawing every 1/2 hours you had to go stand on a square and then they picked 3 numbers and if they called your number you won a prize. I was right near where the prizes were so I got to pick what I wanted and this was the nicest gift. I figure if I decide not to use I have a nice gift for someone else.

Then I went to B&N and bought this today. Everyone has been saying what a good book this is. I am need of something to get lost in.

I also found this it is such a fun funky set of writing prompts I am really going to enjoy doing them.

My be brave challenge for today was to start doing some research on the net concerning the book about my grandparents. So i began that by looking for some sites in the locations I need to travel to and Historical Societies where I hope get some funding or a grant. This is a really long process and I have been avoiding it, so now at least I have taken the first steps. I am on day 18 if this challenge and a=have slowly been going through my list. Unfortunetly some of these task take much longer than a day so I need to revisit them.


I decided to put the beads away for awhile. I want to try dipping them in a melting pot but I think I better have a heat proof craft sheet first. Michaels carries them but they are out of stock. If they don't get them soon I will just have to mail order one. That always means I spend more money than I intend to so I am putting that off for now. I did learn one thing to pass on. In Kelli's article she mentioned using Top Boss to coat the bead before putting in the UTEE, I thought an embossing pad might be easier and it was. I just rolled it on the pad to coat it good and then put it in the embossing powder and added heat. It worked great.


Gemma said...

Kate...I read about your Grandparents. We are Irish too and related to the Farrell clan by marriage. Irish history is so fascinating. Many good wishes to you in this endeavor. xx

tinker said...

I finally found my copy of Eat, Pray, Love that I bought months ago and then couldn't find again - it was in the trunk of the car, I don't even remember ever putting it there...but I'm so excited to be reading it at last, and find out there's someone else that's reading it at the same time, too. Cool to hear about your geneology research - good luck with it all.xo