Monday, October 08, 2007

Trying new things

Thank you all for the comments on my painting. You are encouraging me to continue and that is what its all about anyways

I found Lu at SuziBlu's blog and she has a great site. She did this one challenge to get a photo of yourself and put a quote over it. I really like the quote she used so I did the same. I don't have photoshop but a program called Paint Shop Pro. I would always have Sarah help me with this kind of stuff before. It is one of the fears I listed to make myself overcome. So I decided there is no time like the present so I used that as my Be Brave challenge for the day. I wanted the lettering bigger and so forth but it turned out I can not access the help menu of the program since I am now on Vista. So I did what I could just by trial an error. The quote says "Be yourself, the world worships the Original". The page need something else but it will do for now. I took this picture in the car before I went in for my physical therapy appointment. The idea was to do a series on my typical day but this is all I have done so far.

I did this next page on my issues with food. It was done on heavy hand made paper so its hard to read. So I will translate: It seems like Food controls me; why can't I make better choices. Healthy easting is something that I can do to nourish my spirit. This picture looks pretty bad, it was hard to capture it.

Quote of the Day - "Art is your personal diary where you may color your thoughts and emotions on a page." ~Sara, Los Cerros Middle School, 1999


Anonymous said...

You look sooo happy Kate!Your work is wonderful! I'm taking the mermaid ATC to a meeting here. An ATC meeting. It's easier for me to swap here, it doesn't cost as much. I won't be swapping yours but will show it off. :) That's for sure! Your AMAZING!

Olivia said...

Kate, Your photo is wonderful---you are truly a beautiful woman. In this picture your spirit shines through.

I, too, have Paint Shop Pro, but don't know much about how to use it. I have a Dummies book that I'll get to someday...

I like your collage, too. You are right, that healthy eating does nourish your spirit. I know that I need to be free from "food bondage" (don't know what else to call it) to be able to create freely and to be myself. I KNOW a part of this is physiological, too. A big part. So I hope that we both find a way to get healthier before NaNoWriMo next month.

Congratulations on keeping up with Be Brave!

Good thoughts and prayers, and love,

Anonymous said...

Kate, PSP is a great program also. It is what I started with. Somethings about it I like better than Photoshop Elements. Just Google paint shop pro tutorials and you will find all kinds of info for it. Lots of things actually work the same in both programs. Love the pic and the art by the way.

tinker said...

OMG - How funny - coincidence, kinda funny - I just posted some pages from my journal, having to do with soul food!

Love the colors in yours, btw.
I'm going to sit and ponder the synchronicity for a few minutes more...