Friday, October 26, 2007

How can it be Friday already

Somehow it is Friday already, I wonder how that happened. I am a movie making machine today. I have recorded 3 movies. All related to the 100 day challenge. One is a video response and the others are part of my process for the 100 day reality challenge. I have made major changes to my intentions.

Here is a link to the first one. I'll add the others later today as soon as they are posted. Sometimes it takes forever to upload videos.

Changing my Intentions Part 1

Changing my Intentions part 2

I am the municipal liaison or ML for the Nanowrimo group in Idaho Falls. This means I plan the parties and organize write ins. We are having a kickoff party tonight. Its a small group but I am hoping someone will end up coming. This is turning out to be harder then I imagined but a good learning experience for me.

For those of you on the Write the Novel blog, don't forget to come by and introduce yourself.

1 comment:

KaiBlueCreations said...

I just finished watching your 3's too cool Kate to see you living Well, I knew you did, but in the films you can get your mannerisms, voice, charm and fun comes over in them.. :)

Im excited about the Nano, it's going to be fun!
peace, Kai xx