Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Be Brave

You might notice a new icon on my sidebar. This project now has an official name. Be Brave. Check out Jessie's blog for the history and details. I had been calling in DOTTSYED and that is a little wordy so Be Brave is what it will be from now on.

Well my Be Brave idea for today was to start doing some magazine research. I am planning on writing sn article on the Thread Project and really wanted to know what was out there besides the traditional choices. So I am at B&N at the cafe. I ordered a scone and had them heat it up they way over cooked it. I thought to get up and ask for another but I was afraid to do so. I thought this could be my thing for the day but then I thought no its this magazine research I put off. Well I never got up a requested another scone but the Universe gave me another chance to stand up for myself.

Ever since I read some poetry by Billy Collins at Nina Bagley's blog Ornamental, I wanted to get one of his books. Oh but which one to get, I intuitively picked out one but it was wrapped in cellophane. So I opened it to see if I liked it and I did so I put it in my pile of things to get. Then I go look at music and other stuff but I forgot the price of the book so I had the music clerk scan it for me and she says 14.00. When I left the area I remembered the plastic in my pocket. So I look at it and it says the price is 12.95. When I check out I give her the plastic sheet but she scans the bar code on the book. When she gives me my bill, I wonder to myself is it worth the 1.11 difference to speak up and I thought yes, here is an opportunity to stick up for myself so I did and got the amount refunded. As I thought about this a little more I thought perhaps I can not plan what I am going to do for this project, perhaps the Universe has other things in mind for me. By the way a heads up Moleskine has raised the prices on the large sketchbook to 16.95. Yikes, being the sneaky person I looked for one in the back of the pile in hopes to find an older price and was rewarded. I know its only two dollars but still that is a big increase.

This is the page that Ninnie sent for my small journal that JudiRedhead sent me. I love the Goddess and all the inspiring words, thanks Ninnie

This is the ATC that Banna sent me. She made it with Ninnie and its really nice. I think Banna needs a page in my book too. So I am going to add her card to a page and add a little decoration to the background. She is after all a Jr.Glitter Sister.

I have been trying some things from Journal Revolution and this little fake photo strip was fun. I just used pictures I had lying around but I think I need to print some others out and do it up right. They also have a template to make a fake polaroid which is also fun.


Pam Aries said...

ooo..I was catching up and I love the photos of the Hawk ! Cool! Good luck Nanowrimo nextmonth! I a mgoing to work on my vision board this weekend. Today I collaged a couple of Halloween cards! Have I mailed your jacket? What do think? Ackkk!

Olivia said...

Kate, good for you for standing up for yourself! And for starting the magazine research.

I agree with you that the Universe brings things our way to deal with in this challenge.

Your companion on the journey,


Anonymous said...

Glad you like the page and ATC Banna will be thrilled to hear she is going to be in your journal with the other glitter sisters.

linda woods said...

Your photo strip turned out great!!