Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Come over to the new blog

For anyone finding this blog and enjoying the old posts you can find more recent activity on my new blog http://thequeenofcreativity.blogspot.com/ Come check it out.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

A happy fourth of July to all my American readers and a happy Saturday to everyone else. I guess the fourth is always for celebrations so I have one too. This is my 788th post for this blog and I had posted under the name at tripod before that so it has been a long time under one name and format. The times they are a changing.

I have been working with a coach and finding the process eye opening and life changing. One of the things I have discovered is that my purpose has always been creativity. I just tend to explore it in many ways. One day on a call I said oh I am the Creativity Queen and thought what a great name for a blog, So after some thought I decided to step up to that name and create a new blog and see where that takes me.

So I hope you will come visit me at my new site

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some art while I was away

Even though I was at a conference I did manage a little work in my journal. This one had the spray painted background already done.

I played with some collage elements over some spray painting.

This pen and ink was fun to do just doodle my way through a lecture.

I tried another castle/princess drawing in pencil. These are more fun to do in color.

I drew in the notebook that I took for writing too.

Another face I drew in that notebook.

Sarah is here for a short visit to renew her license and go to the dentist and all that jazz. Its great to be able to see her again so soon.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stenciling Some Journal Covers

It just occurred to me that I am almost done with a journal and I still have not done anything with the covers so today I went outside and grabbed the spray paint.

Inside the cover must have something on it to. Now everyone will know this is my journal

Here is the inside back cover. I tried overlaying a stencil and adding paint again. It seems to give more depth that way. I don't know if I will tire of this stenciling with spray paint. The possibilities are really endless.

The back cover uses one of my favorite papers as a stencil. I like using this paper with lots of different colors. I may add something else to this one later

Early in the morning I will be headed to Salt Lake City for the UU General Assembly Conference. I won't be blogging for a week. See you then.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Little castles

Sharon over at All Norah's Art has been doing these paintings with this tall houses or castle. I thought I would try one. I think she is painting the entire piece. I took a little different tact at it. I had the entire background spray painted. I made my houses with collage papers and some stamping and paint on top. My lady's face was done with Shiva paintsticks and the rest Golden fluid acrylics. It seems I always resort to using painsticks when the face I paint is not turning out.

One of these days I will remember that if you do the same thing the same way you get the same results. I think its time I watched Paulette and Sharon's videos on painting faces again. Maybe it will click this time.

Have a wonderful Fathers Day!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wreck this Journal Week 3

I took the journal to Hamilton last weekend. My friends Amy and Debbie helped wreck part of it. My daughter came to visit with roommate Brenna and boyfriend Kyle. They managed to add their contributions too!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Play Day

Its the first day this week I have had a chance to be in in the studio so I did play at lots of things.

First I cut this Buddha stencil. There was a mistake but I tried it anyways. Then paint got under the stencil but it was already in my journal so I am stuck with it but that's ok.

I did more spray painting, some success but more that didn't turn out some days it is frustrating.

Then I tackled lesson 5 or 6 I can't remember which, in my layer love class. Several of the lessons were pretty much the same thing so I won't be doing them all. Some of you know I really don't like pink so I am skipping that one for sure. We were to pick colors or a picture we like or a combination of the two and do a background with it as inspiration. I love this picture of this glass bowl. I have been planning on using it in a journal page but haven't so far.

And here is my background. I may try next time to use less colors but I like it. I didn't add the drips because they are ok but I don't want them in every painting.

I also did some more wrecking of the journal but that is for tomorrows post.

I found out that Golden has this great guide on paint mixing. I didn't know such a thing existed so I printed it out right away. If you use these paints or need help mixing colors this might be helpful to you too. Here in the link http://www.goldenpaints.com/artist/mixguide.php