Saturday, January 31, 2009

Excited about writing again

Finally a post with writing content. First i was really delighted to hear that Neil Gaiman has won the Newbery Award, the country's highest honor for contributions to children's literature for the Graveyard book. If you haven't read it check it out, its such a fun story and I heard it will be made into a film. That will be fantastic. I have been reading some great posts on Neil's blog that have really gotten me back to working on my novel. This is a great post about where he gets his ideas.

This past week I was at the villa coffeehouse with my friend Kate for a writing date. For some reason the internet was down so I was forced to really work at writing instead of being seduced by the wonder of the net. I am working on a scene in the book where I have several things to do that I really don't know how to do well. I ended up making a list. One of the things was writing a dream sequence and my idea had to read some novels that have dream sequences in them to see how it has been done. Then I thought maybe someone on the net has blogged about this subject. I looked it up when I was back at home and discovered that several people had posted information on the subject. I like it when you can find answers so easily.

I have been using a free software program called yWriter to organize my novel and I really liked it. It became difficult when I put more than one manuscript in it. I had difficulty finding files and so forth. It became really frustrating. So then I found this Noveling Writing Software on the net. I looked at other ones too and this seemed to have great reviews. I wished they had a free trial online or something like that. I ended up going to PC magazine reviews and discovered yWriter has a new version and this time I found a users manual, user group and more. So I decided to work with the free software for now. yWriter5 can be found here I also found that I could import my file from word directly to yWriter and it will put it into chapters and scenes automatically. That was pretty cool. You might want to check it out.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Secret #4 Surrendering to Creative Cycles

When I started reading this chapter and I got to the section on dealing with the void all I could think of that is whats been the matter with me lately. My creativity had really been feeling off and I was struggling with everything I did. Once I realized that this is what happened I felt so much better. It was like when I got the realization things became easier.

I think I have been stuck before and my process to move through it was to either just do art, a simple journal page or spend time in nature or trying a different creative pursuit. Something to help me work through it. Sometimes I will try something new to spark that creative urge once more.

Passion as an anecdote to fear

1. Think of a time when you wanted something so much that you were willing to do anything to get it. What was the outcome?

What comes to mind was last summer when I went to the Writers Spa in Taos, New Mexico. I wanted to go so badly, I was very passionate about it and I made it happen.

2. Do you feel exhilarated by your creative work right now?

Not really, things seem to be in a struggle right now. What ignites you most about it if you're not psyched about your current work what would you rather be doing? I have been doing these pages a day and sometimes that's all I could manage to do. I think sometimes it became a chore, too much of an obligation. It left me no time to work on anything else.
3. What discomfort are you willing to endure to promote and experience your passion?
Now that is an interesting question since I don't know if I think there has to be discomfort.

4. What are your specific fears about yourself and your work?

My specific fears are that my work is not good enough, that there are too many other people out there doing the same thing. I know on some level that is not true but the underlying idea stays with me.

What stimulates your creativity into its highs and lows?

I think I am just beginning to explore this idea that there are highs and lows. Last week I was in a low when I read this chapter but then now I seem to moving out of that and feel quite energized. In addition to the art I am back to the writing again. I worked a little bit on my novel 3 days this week. I have had insights on what I need to do next. Things seem to be flowing again and the feeling is awesome.

Day 29 and 30

January Journaling continues, here is the page from yesterday. I mad a background of watercolor and then added the paper borders. The poppy is a napkin. I had no idea of where I was going with this page. I found this picture of this little girl and bird and it looked so sweet to me. I couldn't help but think of spring.

This page I did in the style of Pattie Mosca from Artfully yours, using the Awe Manac book by Jill Badonsky for inspiration. After journaling I added twinkling h20's to the background. I ended up celebrating National Blueberry Pancake day today even though it was 2 days ago and the pancakes were so good. I like all the little holidays that are mentioned in the Awe Manac book, it really is a lot of fun to celebrate them.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Make art to give away

This is the painting I am giving away as part of 31Days of Journaling and One world One Heart. Go to this post if you want a chance at winning. I stamped right into her hair and I am not sure if I like that or not. I may just paint over it. I think I will just let it sit for awhile and decide later what to do.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

January Journaling Day 27 and 28

Today was the day to spend in the studio and I had some success and some losses but tomorrow is another day.

Here is the journal page for yesterday. My subject was bravery because I got some insight on a task I need to do for my novel. Then last evening I ended up giving some more rocks away and I chose one for myself and the message on it was brave. So it seemed an appropriate subject.

Today's journal page was all about play and was fun to do. I haven't used my watercolor paints in ages so I used them to make the background on this page. I realy like puttinging paint on the page and spraying water and then letting it travel. It always makes such interesting patterns.

The Awe Manac

Just a little while ago I was fortunate to win this book over at Artfully Yours.

I had previously agreed to host Jill Badonsky in her book blog tour for this very book so I think that was great that I won this copy. Jill is the author of the Nine Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard. If you are familiar with her first book you know what an incredible talent she is. You may have also seen her articles at Creativity Portal. I will be interviewing her and posting that interview on February 18th. So be sure to check back for that event.

A little note about her new book. It is really fantastic. With one look at my copy my friend Kate's response was Oh I need a copy of this. Its a page a day guide to keep your creativity going, full of inspiring quotes and ideas. Check out the article More Excerpts from The Awe-manac at creativity portal

Also don't forget to check back February 18th to see my interview with Jill.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 26 Feelings

Well its our final week of Art Journaling in January and these final pages are all to be about emotions, feelings, how our days have gone etc. As you can see by this page I had a great day. I just cut up different shades of green and blue papers, glued them down and added the words from some other paper. Then I just wrote down things that happened today. It was a fun and easy page to do.

This is for Sarah

My daughter wants to see some pictures of the kitty so here they are just for her.

Day 25 was all about shapes, I chose a triangle and just played with all the triangle stamps that I have. Sort of a nonsensical page but still fun.

Day 24 is making art to give away. I didn't like the way it was going so I gessoed over the entire thing. It needs more coats before I begin again. Right now it looks very ghostly and I thought it looked interesting so you get to see it too.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Following our facinations

I am on to secret 3 from the book 12 secrets of highly creative women. Of all the concepts in this chapter I think I resonated with the idea of taking risks and listening to our intuitive messages and following those fascinations.

Just what kind of risk taker am I. In some senses I feel like I am taking a risk any time I post some art to my blog. There is a lot of it I don't like. I have been consciously trying not to apologize for it. To just let it be what it is and move on. That is not always easy. In the scheme of big risks though I don think it is much of anything. I have taken risks in trying to promote my died fibers this past year. It doesn't seem like I have risked much lately, maybe it tends to go in cycles.

I think I am one who really listens to her intuitive messages. I don't always follow through on them to the degree that I would like. Its like the first idea is great, and yes I am excited about it but what is the next step and the next and so forth. I think that is where I become lost. In other ways I just have too many ideas and inclinations that I do not know how to stay focused on all of them. I haven't worked out a system where I decide what is worth pursuing and what is not. In her interview Jessie talked about making lists and prioritizing items. That is an idea I might look into because what I am doing now is just not working.

What Inspires me and encourages me: That would be other artists and bloggers and comments that others leave for me.

Jamie asked us to take one brave step toward our dreams: I am going to look into what it takes to be published in one of the art magazines. I think CPS has a new challenge so I will look that up and start preparing something to submit.

I think the greatest thing about this group is the ideas from everyone else. I wouldn't get that reading the book on my own. Thanks to everyone else for sharing their stories.

Day 23 - favorite artist


As part of 31 days of Art Journaling with Misty we are to choose a favorite artist and do a page like them. I chose my friend Sharon Tomlinson who works with napkins a lot. She makes it look so easy but I know its not. Sorry the picture is crooked, its late and I am too tired to take another picture.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Journaling day 21, 22

Day 21 focus was taking a photo and altering it. I took a picure of my hands threading my loom. I sanded areas of the picture and painted over some spots and then extended the idea out. Not sure if I liked it. I wanted to add a poem about hands but couldn't find anything I liked so I just added some words about using my hands and creating something from nothing.

Today's task was to use only crayons. Well first I went in my daughters room looking for crayons and found a box of 64. No black so it was hard to do. The crayons weren't pointed enough to do fine lines so I found it frustrating. I couldn't get a dark color for the eye. They seemed way to waxy. So next I went to watercolor crayons and they worked better, I did use some white gel pen for the whites of the eyes, I know that's not allowed but I couldn't get the white any other way. Then I tried to fix under the eye and things started smearing. The wet gel pen and water soluble crayons can cause a mess. I like working with the watercolor crayons so much more than regular crayons. There was no way to fix things with the regular crayons but with the watercolor ones I could wet and remove the color. It was an interesting exercise, I may try doing it just with watercolor crayons next time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back from the ball

I started the day at my friends Kate's house and we watched the inauguration. Then we went out for a celebratory lunch. We toasted the new president with strawberry daiquiris and had a great lunch.

Then this evening went to the ball, well it wasn't really a ball more of a celebration. There were drinks, I had red wine and some finger foods and then we watched the inauguration again. I wore my blue velvet dress and my emerald earrings to celebrate. It was a fun time with friends sharing a wonderful moment.

and I even got to meet the President. Don't we look great together. We had a fun time but wished it had been a true ball with dancing and all. It was a great way to celebrate a momentous day.

Hope part 2

My friend Kai showed me how to make an OBAMICON of my own picture, what fun. Go here to make your own.

Its Inauguration Day!

Another momentous day in History, I hope you all have a chance to see and celebrate the Inauguration today.

My Journal page for today was focused on Word Art. With the Inauguration today I just had to do a page on Hope, it just seemed fitting to me. I see a sense of hope that both Barack and Michelle offer to our country. This is the beginning of a new era of hope. I hope you feel hopeful today and in the coming days.

Monday, January 19, 2009

An award

My good friend Lisa gave me this award. Lisa is a wonderful artist and soul collage facilitator. Its been wonderful to see her follow her dreams.

Meaning Of Award from the originator:
"What this Friendship Award means:
This blog invests and believes in Proximity- nearness in space, time and relationships.
These blogs are exceedingly charming . These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends .
They are not interested in prize for self- aggrandizement!
Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut ,even more friendships are propagated.
Please give more attention to these writers! You are suppose to pass this award on to 8 fellow bloggers, to include the above text in there blog.

Here are 8 ladies whose friendship means the world to me. That includes you Lisa but I felt silly giving the award back to you but know that you are treasured too. It was hard to choose just eight since there are so many more of you who I hold in my heart.

Violette you have shared your art friendship and advice. It was so wonderful meeting you and that we continue to connect.
Sharon you have encouraged me and helped me so much in growing as an artist. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.
Olivia I met Olivia through being brave or maybe before that but sharing that journey with her really has made our friendship grow. I am constantly amazed by your courage.
Kai you have such a sweet soul and kind heart. I feel connected to you, it was so great to meet you this past year.
Kelley I met in Taos at the writers spa and never have a I met such a gentle beautiful soul. we continue to connect and I feel our friendship is one that will last years.
Gemma I feel closer to you since we met and drank Mohitos together. You are always there with a kind word and great wisdom.
Mahala I love your sweet smile and warm heart. I feel a greater bond with you over this past year. Thanks for sharing so much with me.
Claire I admire your courage so much, its such an honor to be friends. I know we will meet in person some day soon. Thanks so much for staying connected even though you have enough to deal with on your own. I treasure the emails and the sharing.

This is my 19th page for January and its focus was on using embellishment. I had a difficult time getting any of my pens to work over the paint. That was a little frustrating. I saw this page as a statement about making an occasion whenever you can. To celebrate life. Tomorrow is the inauguration and I am going to a ball in my town. Its at a hotel, I don't think there will be dancing but they will replay the ceremony and have food and such. I do plan to dress up as if I were attending a gala in Washington. Yes pictures will follow. It is a day to celebrate.

One World One Heart

As many of you know Lisa Oceandreamer started One world One Heart as a way for bloggers to meet share and give away art. Bloggers from all over the world participate and friendships are forged. Its a wonderful program that I have been part of from the beginning.

I wasn't going to do One World One Heart this year basically because I have been so busy that I haven't had the time to make anything. After seeing Lisa's offering I thought oh I can't not participate so here is my plan.

First I will give away these books. You get to decorate the covers and fill the insides with whatever you would like. There are four different sizes along with a mesh window card. There is a square book a round book and 2 rectangle books. Since I feel that I need some art to give away to here is the plan. I am doing the 31 days of journaling with Misty and one of the tasks this week is to make a piece of Art and give it away. I thought perfect I can use that as my give away for OWOH.

This is the painting I did that I will give away. It is painted on canvas board, I think its 8 x 10. I used acrylic paints, stamp pads oil paintsticks and paper. I stamped in her hair too but I may paint over it if the winner wishes. I am not sure if I like that or not

The giveaway is February 12 so you have plenty of time to leave a comment before the winner is chosen. I'll be using a random number generator to pick the winner. To enter my drawing you must leave a comment on this post and please tell me where you are from. Also I need to get in touch with you so don't reply as anonymous or leave me an email address.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

In the Pink

This is the last of the color themed pages. Since pink is my least favorite color this was difficult. I even tried doing it monochromatic but I just couldn't take the pink hair.

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women week 2

Its week 2 and the secret is all about honoring your inspirations. The chapter talks about having a space of your own and that is something that I already have. Gail Meekin goes on to talk about making the time to receive inspiration and also about setting up rituals to foster this. I tend to find my inspiration while spending time in nature or when I am really quiet and contemplative. Or sometime I will be doing something totally different and then an idea comes to me totally out of the blue. Its almost as though as soon as I stop thinking about a problem and let it go the solution comes to me.

The one thing that I don't think I do is have rituals before I start to create. I will enter the room where I am going to make art and shut the door and sometimes play music and all they could be considered rituals but they don't seem to be anything special to me. I think that I would like to incorporate a ritual that is more meaningful. Something that will say to me now you are a creative mode.

What kind of creative rituals do you use?


I was reading Andrea's blog and she has a photographic challenge this week all about hands. Then she posted this link this. It is so lovely and touching I had to share. Hands are so essential to us Artists. I lament the fact that I have no pictures of my parents hands. Somehow I think they would tell me something of who they were. I think this week I will take some shots of the hands of those who travel in my world, perhaps you would like to do the same.

Day 17 Yellow

I tried to post last night but my camera battery needed to be recharged. Yellow was interesting to do. The daisy's on the side is a piece of napkin. I liked the backside better so I put it on that way and there is no way you can tell that. I recently purchased some glue just for ribbon. Let me tell it really works well. when i realized I had put the ribbon on crooked I could not get it off. So the stuff works great. Today I will work on my last color - pink. I wonder what Misty will suggest for the coming week. I am sure it will be some challenge worthy of undertaking.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Red is the color

I have not painted in red before and I thought it would be easy after white. Once I got the background down I had no clue what to do next. I thought of a painting with a sweeping dress but felt constrained by my journal size. My pages are 7 x 9. Perhaps I need to try that on a canvas. Red just speaks passion to me. Passion about life and art and living authentically. I also think of red wine, which is my favorite especially Merlot. So I named her Merlot Lady. I like to think she has a merlot colored velvet dress on and that she is going to a special event. I think she should have some fantastic jewel on maybe I will add one later. I need to move on to yellow now.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 15

I think it is said somewhere that if you don't like something you've done than try to find a part of it you do like. In this case I think I like the body of this piece. The quote says "Always maintain a kind of summer even in the middle of winter" - Henry David Thoreau.

Tomorrow we do red, that will be a big change from this white piece. I am looking forward to a riot of color now.

More on 12 secrets journey

Right after I had posted about my creative journey and where I am in the scheme of things for the Next Chapter blogging group I realized I had left a big part out. The writing, I was just going to let it slip but thought no that is part of me so it needs to be talked about.

When my daughter was young I had a spiritual reading done and was told I would write and illustrate a childrens book. Not feeling that I was an Artist at all or even a writer it was a little daunting. I was willing to accept this on one hand but on another fought the idea constantly. I began taking art classes and reading books on writing. I actually found myself wanting to write and wondered if the desire had always been there or not. I have always wrote in a journal so the act of writing something was not unusual to me. I can remember when the Waltons came on TV and John boy would sit in his room with his notepads and write. I was drawn to it back then. It was only stream of consciousness stuff but I think that is where it did begin for me.

I did writing exercises from Natalie Goldberg's books and then the Artist Way came and I have books of morning pages that I did. I never managed to take the writing beyond that step and into a story. Meanwhile I had a daughter who wrote and thought maybe all this writing interest is just to make it real for her and offer the nourishment she needs. I read so many books about writing that although I couldn't write a story yet I could have written one on writing. I realize I had a block about the whole thing but didn't know what to do about it.

I always was looking for that one book that would be the break through for me. For me that became No Plot No Problem by Chris Baty. This is where he tells about the National Novel Writing Month. It was July when I read the book. I waited till November and I took the challenge. I wrote a simple novel that month, 50,000 words. It was the starting point for me. I have done Nanowrimo 2 more times since then.

I still don't have a finished novel but I am able to write more every year. I have an idea for children's book that I am worked on a little this year. I have been thinking I would like to write a short story and then I got an idea for another children's book so the ideas are there. This one involves illustration so I may see my art and writing intertwining with this idea. I just need to learn to follow through. I want to revise one of the nano novels, I like the idea of the one I did last year and feel its worth pursuing. My season 5 of the 100 day challenge starts today and one of my intentions is to work on the novel. We'll see where this journey takes me next.

Day 14 Green

I barely got this finished before midnight so I am late in posting. A combination of things here. I painted the background earlier and its very textured. It was hard getting the rub ons to stick well. This is the first time I added all the background stuff before painting the face. I don't think I will do it that way again. It was hard working the hair in around the words. I am sure learning a lot this month.

Lynn asked how I use paintsticks. After cutting the seal with an exacto knife I just take my finger and smear it onto my fingers and start putting it onto the paper. I haven't mastered using a paint brush with them yet but I am sure you can do it that way.

I had my first photography class and it was really awesome. I am going to love it. I already know more about my camera and can't wait to go taking some new shots. My new season of the 100 day challenge starts tomorrow and I still don't have a plan yet. It will all come together since it usually does.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13

Here is today's journal page. Not quite orange but I didn't know what the color for the day was. My lady was done using Shiva paintsticks and Golden fluid acrylics. I liked doing her although I had some smearing problems. I like use the stablio marks all pencil for drawing but once it gets paint near it smears. I may have to go back to regular graphite. I think I would have tweaked her a little more if I had the time. I think perhaps the flower in her hair is too big. I tried several new colors this time and had fun blending and looking for the right shade and so on. One thing this exercise does for me is make me practice mixing colors and that is something I really need to gain more experience with.

Monday, January 12, 2009

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

I decided a little late in the game that I wanted to join this blogging book group. The first step is owning our own creativity and we are to share where we are on our creative journey.

When I look back I have always been creative. As a child I learned to sew from my mother and used to sew my own clothes. This led to playing with oil paints when I was 18-22 I gave that up somewhere along the way. I moved on to embroidery. I did crewel and cross stitch for a number of years. Then I moved to spinning my own yarns, and weaving and dyeing and knitting. I still so those creative pursuits but its Art that pulled me back.

While my daughter was young I took art classes locally, I never felt I was good enough and was really intimidated by other artists. I took colored pencil and watercolor and then basic drawing based on Betty Edwards book Drawing on the Right side of the Brain. I learned so much in that class. I then took acrylic painting. I never seemed to do anything beyond the classes I was taking. I became interested in Mixed media art and bought countless copies of Somerset studio but I never managed to go beyond doing basic stamping and making cards.

It took spraining my ankle severely almost 3 years ago. I was laid up for a couple months and the Internet was my entertainment. I found Danny Gregory and Violette and I made the decision to become the artist I always thought I was. I haven't looked back since then. I continue to try new techniques, to expand my skills and evolve as an artist. I still struggle with comparing myself to other artists and do get frustrated with learning on my own but I persevere somehow. I hope that the journey through this book will give some insights on keeping the ideas flowing and following through on ideas and more.

Todays journal page. Misty did one in blue so I followed along. I wondered how much difference there would between using black gesso and black paint. This is black paint and the surface is so different I really like the gesso better.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11

A little drawing for day 11 on this journal journey. I started this in graphite pencil and then added colored pencil. I usually do these when I am drawing in church. I ended up using grey for the hair and then I didn't like that so added this brown. It actually looks better in person.

Its been a weird day, feeling up and down winding up taking a nap and felt renewed. This winter has been strange as I am finding the lack of sun depressing. I have never been one of those people who had problems with the lack of sun in winter but I seem to be this year. i am not sure what to do about it but try to get in the light more often and take it easy on myself when I am feeling down.

I signed up for a photography class that starts on Wednesday. Its at our local college and they have a reputation for not filling classes and so they cancel. I am hoping that doesn't happen this time. I really want to learn how to use this camera and this class is the best way for me.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10

Today's page, it is number ten out of 31. I found it interesting working with the colored pencil on the black gesso. Not only does it look difference it feels different when using it. I think the one thing this particular challenge is focing me to do it to try some of my Art supplies in new ways. I also used some Japanese tape instead of paper and I like the texture and feel of it.

Oh I found out that the teacup came from my good friend Julie. She sent it as an early birthday present. Thanks Julie, I really love it.

day 9

Here is day 9's journal page. I decided to just paint a face. It just from my head, not really a self portrait since I do not have blue eyes, although i do have that color hair. I guess I could say its a self portrait and it really doesn't have to look like me at all. This time I tried doing the eyelids with paint instead of pen. I still need to work on colors and shading. The more I mix face paint the better I get at it so I know it will come over time. I may going to do another black gessoed page today. I painted the page last night. My friend Sophie says she uses colored pencil on the black and I want to try that. I will post it later tonight.

Friday, January 09, 2009

My Secret Admirer

When I got home yesterday from running errands there was a package waiting for me. I hadn't ordered anything so I was surprised to open the package and find this.

Such a beautiful teacup.

This is the back view, its a little different from the front.

There was no note inside and I have no idea who sent it. What a delightful surprise this was. I love it. Now I have 4 teacups so I can have a tea party. Sarah has since informed me that one of the cups is hers but she won't be claiming it anytime soon. I also have 2 demi-tas cups so I could have 2 little girls over too. I think having a tea party will be the perfect thing to do to keep the winter doldrums at bay.

I think I will pull out this book and plan some fun treats to make. Whoever sent me this wonderful gift I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Day 8

After yesterday's post it was inevitable that I do a page on goals, even if it is a small one. I used black gesso on this one and then added papers and some images and writing. I just love using a white gel pen. Black gesso is pretty neat too. It takes me 2 coats but it really makes a page black. I am going to do a face for today's page and add it later. Having to do these every day really puts a focus on Art.

It looks like we are going to have sun again today. How fantastic is that... I didn't get out to enjoy it yesterday so perhaps today I will.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Looking at goals

I saw this quote on someones blog this morning.

"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. "

This quote has always resonated with me. I won't say I have always been on the correct side of it though, I do want to be though.

When I think of goals I have this year they don't seem to be any different than last year. That worries me a little but that I am into the trap of living the same year over and over. Or perhaps it is my approach to the goals that needs to change.

If I take my Art goals which are one to further my skills and really be able to paint faces. Now how did I work to foster those goals last year. I took online painting classes with Paulette Insall and Suzi Blu. I participated in the Big Draw and drew faces for 31 days. Throughout the year I painted some faces in my art journal and some on canvas. I have learned what I know through those efforts and just observing what other artists do on their blogs. What is it that I could do this year that would be different, that might further me along on my goal. As I ramble about this I realize one I want to paint faces and two I want them to be good, for people in my life to say wow you are getting good at that. I want to feel this inside too, I want to be able to be happy with a face when I am done with it. Ok now after this ramble I have thought of a couple things that I could do:

1. Paint a face a day for a month. Then see where I am at.
2. Release my expectations on what is a successful painting.
3. Practice mixing paint for face colors, I could be doing this if I just do step 1.
4. To stop judging my work in comparison with Misty, Sharon, Zorana, Judy or Dj and all the other artists whose work I love.
5. To finally understand that I will never paint like them but I can paint like me. It really is an expression of myself and that is so much better than trying to emulate someone else. They can be starting points on an artistic journey but I will make it my own.

If I look at my writing goals, in the past year I attended a week long writers retreat and I participated in Nanowrimo again. I read a lot, studied some, worked on revising last years Nano and worked on the book about my Grandparents. They were all things starting projects but its clear that I have not finished anything and I want this year include finishing something.

It seems clearer how to define my Art goals and coming up with a plan for them than it is for the writing. They are just such big projects, that I find a hard time breaking them down into a more manageable plan. Perhaps a mind map would help. I've read about these and know Violette uses them a lot. Perhaps with this goal that is a step to try that might be helpful. I think its time to pull out some paper and markers and play with the idea.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Catching up its now Day 7

Here is my page for today. I am finally caught up in posting these pages. I tried a few new techniques that I found in the Art Journaling magazine I talked about in my last post. I used Susan Buckner's idea of painting and then setting up borders, adding embellishment and journaling. I also used technique using charcoal pencils for shading as shown by Pam Carriker. I only had one size charcoal pencil a 4b, so I just used what I had. Pam used 3 different sizes. I liked using the charcoal pencil and will probably do more of this in the future. I think that is the value of these magazines. You get to try new things and work them into your own art in your own way.

Messes in the studio

One of these days I will one wear old clothes in the studio and two to put the top back on bottles of Golden fluid acrylics. I now have purple paint on my pj's and a hint of burnt sienna all over the floor. Am I the only one who makes huge messes that could have been avoided. I think my depression has moved on to frustration.

This is my page for day 6, it didn't turn out like I wanted but there is no time to dwell on that as I need to do another page today.

I found this at Barnes & Noble yesterday. The nice thing about it is its not the same old people you seem to see in the books now days. I was only familiar with 2 of the Artists in the whole magazine. If you are an Art Journaler you will like it. I got a few new ideas and lots of inspiration.

Here is Bo on Dave's blanket, as you can see they blend well together.

This guy just needed his picture taken.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Out of Darkness

Here is yesterdays page, I find myself in a depression again, I really hate it but feel captured by it. I hope it doesn't last long. When I was making this I just wanted to walk through the doorway and see a brighter different world than my own. It would be so simple if we could just do that.

There are many people participating in Misty's 31 days of art journaling. You can see a list of participants at the link above. There is some wonderful art being created out there so check out some of those links.

Oh and yes the kitten is still indoors and taking over my life. His name is Boromir now and we call him Bo for short. Sarah wanted to name our last cat that name but it was a girl. So now she gets her wish. For those unaware he is a character in Lord of the Rings, her favorite one. He is a little cutie trying to capture my heart.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

A visitor in the house

I am back from Missoula so here are my journal pages from the last 2 days. Since I was traveling I did mostly little collages. I hope to get back to doing faces again in the coming week.

It supposed to be -12 tonight so we let this kitten who has been living in our barn in the house. This could be a mistake but I would hate for the little one to freeze to death.