Saturday, March 31, 2007

Finding Water week 6

Finding Water Week 6 Check in.

I did my morning pages 7 days, took an artist date at a bead store and haven't had the walk formally although I have done a lot of walking this week.


5 things of beauty in my neighborhood

1. Just down the street about ½ mile a way is Phebe’s house. She has a small;l corral with 5 horses in it. They are beautiful. A special favorite to see is the Appaloosa she is spotted brown and white on her rump. I mentally say “Hi” to all the horses when I drive by.

2. The birds that hang around my house are always a site for awe. In addition to robins, magpies, turtle dove’s meadowlarks, we also see many kinds of hawks, kestrels, northern harriers. On occasion I will see a Great Horned Owl.

3. If you turn right at Phebe’s house and start the 5 mile trip to town you might get a chance at seeing the eagles. They have a favorite tree they like to perch on. Usually I just see one but on occasion I get the treat of seeing 2 eagles.

4. On a clear day you can see the Teton Mountains. They are so far away that all you see are tops. There is no mistaking the Grand Teton. I always make a mental to note to look for them. They are a spiritual place of wonder.

5. The Snake River menders all throughout Idaho and we have a pretty little spot in our town. The river has been dammed so we have a waterfall and a scenic greenbelt to walk around. It’s a gathering place for people an wildlife.

10 things to feel better

1. Get up, go outside and sit in the backyard.
2. Take a bath with lovely scents.
3. Put on some music
4. Make some tea, use a teapot not a mug
5. Call a friend to talk
6. Pick up a favorite novel, read a short passage that will take you back in
time and space.
7. Put on an essential oil that smells great.
8. Bake some cookies.
9. Get out your drum an make music for 5 minutes.
10. Pet an animal like your cat or dog.

I found this easy again. I think finding the 10 things to make me feel better was interesting, I will have to use these ideas.

One World One Heart.

I was the consolation winner at Kelli's blog.
I got her card which I think looks great. Plus all these fabrics and trims. All hand dyed. They are gorgeous, thanks Kelli.

Quote for the Day:
The Artists object is to make things not as nature makes them, but as she would make then - Raphael


Anonymous said...

Ohh it looks wonderful! Congradulations! I got something from Amber Heagerty. She put some extra things in's sooo exciting to win things like these isn't it!?!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I want to come to your neck of the woods - you get way more birds, get to see horses and mountains and rivers all nearby.
I like your list of things to feel better...all quite essential items.
and how great your prize included those hand dyed fabrics and trims.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend dear Kate!