Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On The Road Again

I am going to Missoula in the morning so I will not have time to blog then. I am heading here. I am taking a different route so I can stop in Victor and go walk the labyrinth. If you have walked a labyrinth before you know what a special thing it can be. This is one of the nicest Labyrinths I have ever seen. I have walked them in Bath, England and in Ketchum, Idaho, but this one is my favorite.

After that I'll drive the remining 40 miles to Missoula. I'll spend the night and take Sarah home for Spring Break on Friday after her classes are over. Of course I have planned in a visit to the Book Store's art department. I can't visit without doing that. I have to entertain myself thursday night since she has 3 tests the next day. I will haul a bunch of art supplies and usually end up leaving home the one thing I need. I also have until 2 on Friday to play so it will be fun. If I get bored I can always go shopping or go and sketch in town. Lots to do there.


Pam Aries said...

Hi Kate! sounds like a great getaway to me! Some real time to do art! today I stopped at the art supply store to replenish my Gel Matte mediumm..anmd also bought some "self leveling gel" whatever that is! sounded fun! A labyrinth! THat always reminds me of "THe Shining" yikes!

Daisy Lupin said...

Have you done the labyrinth at Hampton Court in London? We did it once on a quiet day a good few years ago. My son who was about 11 then was a whizz at getting through it. I love them.

Kelli said...

Hey Kate--you are my consolation prize winner of some hand dyed fabric and trims for One World--email me your addy and I'll mail it out! Kelli ephemeralalchemy at gmail.