Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Its Officially Spring

One world One Heart

Its time to pick the lucky recipient of the earrings I made for this giveaway. The Winner is Lisa Oceandreamer... I'll pop these in the mail as soon as I remember where I put them... I know they are on this desk somewhere... Thanks to everyone who left a comment, I loved meeting all of you and hope you'll visit again. Thanks to Lisa for organizing this, it was so much fun.

100 things about me

I saw this on my friend Sue's blog and liked the idea. So here are my 100.

1. When I was a child I was a allergic to chocolate, now I make up for lost eating time.
2. I really like white chocolate
3. I can spend hours on the Internet and not get bored.
4. I have more than one studio, one for weaving, the other for arts, crafts, sewing
5. I love books and I buy way too many of them
6. I love to dance but don’t have many opportunities
7. I love English Gardens and am building one in my backyard
8. I have 2 cats, a Siamese named Lucky and a tortoise shell named Eowyn, both strays
9. I have a border collie named Flynn
10. I have a black colored llama named Astro
11. I have 5 Shetland sheep named Emily, Gabrielle, Juno, Titan and Athena.
12. Two sheep are white, one is oatmeal colored, 1 brown and 1 black.
13. The black sheep and the black llama hang out together.
14. I have 1 daughter in college in Montana
15. I have a husband who is an Engineer
16. I live 100 miles from Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
17. There is a potato field right across the street from me.
18. In late September I go pick free potatoes in the field, they are left behind by the big potato equipment, this is called gleaning,
19. I spin my own yarn.
20. I dye my own yarn and other fibers to sell to spinners.
21. I weave blankets towels, scarves on my own looms.
22. I like to knit sock, sweaters, hats etc.
23. I like dolphins, dragonfly’s, wolves
24. I have 2 spinning wheels and 3 looms and a roomful of yarn
25. I want to swim with dolphins someday
26. I want to retrace my Irish grand parent’s journey and write a book about it.
27. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers who live in Michigan
28. Sometime I will start cooking something on the stove and go do something else. Then I remember I am cooking and have burnt eggs and have to start over again.
29. I don’t like the wind and I live in a windy area.
30. I like taking photographs.
31. I am interested in Astronomy.
32. I really like the moon
33. I like Sci Fi shows
34. I love birds and love to go bird watching.
35. I went to see The Two Towers and Return of the King in costume
36. I like to drink orange juice out of a wine glass.
37. I like to drink wine out of a wine glass too.
38. I have the best friends in the world.
39. I have been on a spiritual path since I was a teenager
40. I have been asked are you a witch, are you a Buddhist? But I am unclassifiable. I do some Pagan things and some Buddhist things and I go to a Unitarian church but most make my way in the spiritual world by what feels right to me.
41. I often say I am a recovering Catholic.
42. I want to write but I don’t make it my main focus so it doesn’t happen. My own fault.
43. I did write a first draft of a mystery novel last November but haven’t looked at it since.
44. The writing desire never seems to leave me.
45. Sometimes I do so many different creative things that I get overwhelmed on what should be done next or stressed because I am not doing something.
46. I have been working on balance all my life, but I am still of kilter.
47. I love living in the Mountains but someday I like to leave near the Ocean.
48. I meditate in a combination of Zen, mindfulness, Tibetan and other techniques.
49. I love music and am always looking for new kinds.
50. My daughter and I have a real close relationship.
51. I didn’t have that with my mom so I changed the family pattern.
52. I like to read mysteries.
53. I like reading Kris Radish books, I am of that age and love her characters, I always find myself somewhere in her books. They help me make sense of my own life,
54. I have met Laurie Metcalf (she was in Roseanne) and fixed her spinning wheel
55. I love flowers
56. I am starting to love photography; so I am getting a good camera soon.
57. I love going out to lunch with friends
58. I like receiving gifts.
59. I like giving gifts.
60. I learned to sew as a child and used to make my own clothes.
61. I can get really addicted to a television show. like Heroes
62. My favorite sheep Is Gabrielle, she has the sweetest face,
63. I believe in synchronicity
64. I believe there are no accidents.
65. I teach classes in spinning, weaving, dyeing, beading etc
66. My favorite color is purple with teal coming a close second.
67. I like eating breakfast food for dinner.
68. I like Celtic music
69. I grew up near Detroit Michigan
70. I have lived in Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah and Idaho
71. I have traveled to England, Scotland and France.
72. I want to go to Ireland next.
73. One of my favorite things to eat is Spaghetti noodles with butter and parmesan cheese.
74. I like my own spaghetti sauce better than any other I have tasted.
75. I make the best apple pie in the world.
76. My cheesecake is to die for too.
77. I have some friends I talk to every day.
78. I like to use essential oils for healing and well being.
79. I have a Native American style drum.
80. I like to use incense by AIRS, Most of the scents are water scents, makes sense since I am a Pisces, which is a water sign.
81. I have been painting the rooms in my house all different colors, no more white for me .
82. I love doing art.
83. I have taken classes in colored pencil, acrylic and watercolor.
84. I made myself an art studio that I really love.
85. Collage is my latest art obsession
86. I take a journal with me everywhere I go.
87. Sometime I write in journals and sometimes I draw.
88. I would like to be drawing more.
89. I have shelves of yarn that I have made.
90. I am generous with my time
91. Sometimes I think I am wise.
92. I like to sing to music while driving and I turn it up loud.
93. I can listen to some songs over and over and over
94. Sometimes I stay in Pajamas all day
95. I used to study the Course in Miracles
96. Usually I am a night person but sometimes I like to do things early in the morning.
97. When reading on a new subject I like it if the books were written by women.
98. In the winter I will take off my coat and leave my scarf on and wear it in the house, it keeps you in warmer.
99. I wish I could see my mother again
100. I wanted to be a singer but didn’t have the voice

Quote of the Day: "What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible" - Theodore Roethke


LisaOceandreamer said...

OMG OMG OMG I won??!! I never win anything, I am so excited!!! Let's hope you get your bday gift before I get the earrings!!
I really enjoyed reading your 100 things, it makes me even more determined we meet sometime soon, you are SO interesting!!
p.s. I, too, was allergic to chocolate as a child. glad that's over. lol!

Leah said...

Kate, i LOVE this list! i could relate to much of it (i'm also a water person (cancer) who loves the moon, i love to sing in the car and would love to be a singer if i had the talent for it, i sometimes get overwhelmed by all the creative projects i get involved in, i love making art, i believe in synchronicity.) it was fun to learn all these things about you! i especially loved learning about all your animals! :-)

Pam Aries said...

Cograts Lisa! ...I love your meme! You have a Llama!!!!! Cool! You are s olucky! hee hee!

Julie said...

What a great list! I'm impressed you could come up with a hundred things. I think I'd be hard pressed to get it up to 50. Maybe I'll take that as a challenge.

Terri /Tinker said...

Congratulations to Lisa! Can't think of a more deserving recipient - I'm so glad she won, since she organized all of these fun drawings for everyone.

I enjoyed reading your meme - I could identify with a lot of your answers.

Sue said...

Hey Kate...great list! and isn't it fun to do> Once I lost my fear of being too truthful and just went for was easy! Once I published it though I thought of loads more stuff I could have added. Glad you did this.
Love Sue x