Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Its one of those weeks

On Monday I started work in the garden again. I am determined to get some of it going this year. Well I proceeded plant those primroses but as you can see this planter needs way more plants in it.

I have Sarah digging up rocks for me. This is the pile she got out. These are mostly slate like rocks and I am going to make a rock wall with them.

There are also tons of little lava rocks that need to be hauled away. I must have hauled 5 or 6 wheel barrow full of stuff in the last 2 years. There is still a lot to go though. I am hoping to at least get part of this going so I can sit out there and enjoy it.

Then I stepped on a board. The rusty screw went right through my Birkenstock's. I couldn't remember when I last had a tetanus shot. My Dr. had no record, so I called the emergency places and still no record. So I went to the doctors today to get one.

Yesterday I stopped to get some beading wire to work on my charms and when I wrote a check the lady told me that my license had expired. I couldn't believe it, but it had. I have been driving illegally for a month. So then it was on to the Drivers license place to get a new one.

Today I realized the charms I am making are not going to work. Boo hoo. I was using Mexican red clay that air dries and painting it with lumiere, but they seem to easy to break so I will have to make something else. I would love to do some of the collaged pieces with glass. Of course then I'd have to get that solder gun, some glass and have time to learn how to do them. Maybe next time. Then I thought oh I'll do something beaded, I have lots of beads. Of course I do not have 15 of anything. It is so frustrating when you have all this stuff but still you do not have what you need. GRRR... I did go to the craft store today and I have a couple ideas now. So its back to the studio to see which will work best.

Quote of the Day: "We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing." Author Unknown


Pam Aries said...

Oh my ..Kate! what a day..girlie! holy Crow! thank you for the Paris LINKS! I have been looking at them and added them to my bookmarks! and ..I got your postcard from Montana today! Yay! Thank you!

Pam Aries said...

Oh teajh.the scenes from your trip were cool! i have been to Jackson Hole, Wyoming..does that count/ hee hee!

Pam Aries said...

third time's a typing went AWOL before, teajh translates to 'yeah'! ..........doh!

judie said...

You are sure having fun with that new camera, huh? Nice pictures. Those pieces of slate would make a really nice bed for a garden fountain, if you were so inclined to do one. Think of the water sounds. Your hawk......NOT a waste of paper, but a BEAUTIFUL piece of art. I love it!

Kai said...

oh you fun loving I leave for two weeks and come back to find your
seriously, I love the garden Idea, I can wait to see it finished Kate..and THANKYOU!!! for the postcard from your trip. it's lovely and on my board now :)
Peace, Kai.

Angela said...

How wonderful to not stop on making a garden! YOU goooo!
I know this may not be the perfect place to ask..but I was wondering if you would allow me to put the link to your blog on mine. My blogs is and if so please contact me at :)

SiouxSue said...

Sounds like some good and some bad. A rock wall sounds wonderful. Sorry about the screw through the shoe! And the shot. I had to have one last summer when I was pruning a bush and nearly pruned my finger off! Can't wait to see your primroses!

LisaOceandreamer said...

Well my dear Kate you've had yourself quite a day AND you've been breaking the law- lol!! yet look at all you accomplished....I hope your foots ok. That planter is huge, how lovely it will look full of blooming plants! and all that slate is on your property? I agree with Judie that it would make a great water feature.
THANK YOU for the postcard, what a sweet surprise. I haven't been to Montana for YEARS.
Love the hawk drawing!

Lisa said...

What a day! I hope today is much, much better! You are so talented, I know you will come up with very cool charms.