Friday, March 16, 2007

Frida Swap

I figured I would be getting this in the mail today; but I got 2 pieces of mail from wonderful women. First the Frida swap gave me art by Ninnie, the small one and Kai the larger one. What a treat to have gotten their renditions on Frida

I got this other lovely letter from Violette, my belated birthday card. She said it would be late since she was waiting for these cards to come. It was definetly worth the wait, the card is beautiful. She also included a magnet and a fabric transfer of the same art. Wow it was just the special thing I needed today.

The next time I need inspiration all I need to do is look on this magnet, its all there. Thanks Violette.


I started threaded the big loom only to discover that I made an error in my figuring. I started winding more of a certain color; then I threaded it only to figure out that I need to change my plan a bit. At this rate the threads will be way wider than the loops. Oops I have to fix that before I go any further. My color plan goes 16 of color A, 2 of color B, 4 of color, 2 color B, four color A, and then 16 color B and then onward. I decided to reduce the color block to 12 and then I think it will work out ok. I am glad I figured this out now instead of later. I hope to get the reed threaded this weekend and then get to the heddles and maybe start weaving next week. I should really be able to do all that in a day or two but sometimes life has a way of distracting you.

I have this big white board that I use to brainstorm ideas, track projects and whatever I seem to need focus on. I decided I needed to know how I am spending my time. I turned it into a big weekly calendar with squares for every hour. Sometimes I forget to fill it in but it is interesting to see what you really do in a given day. I will do it for a week or two and see how I can change things for the better.

Quote of the Day: Art Heals. - Violette


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked my attempt. Isn't Violette's stuff just grand.

Pam Aries said...

Yay! i am glad you got Frida1 and the cards from Violette is awesome!.. you may get a card from me by Christmas! Geeze! ..i think it is so wonderful that you weave! I can';t wait to see some of your work in person!