Monday, March 19, 2007

Snow Geese

We are on one of the routes that Snow Geese migrate on. We went to Market Lake yesterday and saw thousands of birds. When they take off to go eat it is the most amazing thing. Just the sound of their voices is amazing, but to see thousands of birds at one time is incredible. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment. They will enlarge when clicked on.

This next picture is my new toy that Dave bought me yesterday. We have been thinking about getting a real photographers type camera but I discovered just getting the camera was not enough that there are lenses to buy and more. I really like the photos that some bloggers take so I wrote them and asked about their cameras, Nina Bagly talked about how she loved her Panasonic. So I checked them out and they were pretty inexpensive. Dave thought they had them at Circuit City so yesterday we went and looked. They were 100.00 cheaper than the internet. We think they are putting out a new model so that is why it was such a good deal. Anyways he bought it for me right then. It has a 10x zoom and my camera has a 3x zoom so I think I will notice a difference right away. I can't wait to go out and take some pictures with it.


I got the loom threaded this weekend and I just need to tie it on to the back beam and so forth. I should be able to start weaving soon.

Trip out of town.

I just realized my daughters Spring break starts Friday. I'll drive up to Missoula Thursday night and spend the night and bring her home Friday afternoon. I decided I would take the route through Hamilton so I can stop at the Labyrinth up there and take a walk. I haven't been since last Fall so this will be great. I am really looking forward to that.


I actually did some Sunday Scribblings writings. I posted for last week and this week. It was fun to be doing that again. Links for Sunday Scribblings and my writing blog are in the sidebar. I need to do those more often, they are great exercises.

Quote for the day: "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." - Thomas Merton


Jessie said...

i love the photos of the snow geese. they have been flying overhead here also. every time i see one i feel the tug of my heart. they make me miss my old house in the woods up north.

SiouxSue said...

Oh my goodness, Kate, these photos are wonderful. I have never seen that many snow geese at one time. They do winter on our gulf coast, but no that many at once! Wow.

Weaving...I would LOVE to learn. Last week when we were in Midland for the funeral I met a New Mexican weaver. She spins, too. Her friend raises sheep, and she dies her wool, as well. I sounds so intriguing and fun.