Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Using the New Camera

Oh I love the new camera, I am getting better pictures of the Eagles and Crows on the road to town.

Once in awhile there are two eagles on this tree right along the banks of the Snake River. They are hunting for fish when they sit there. Sarah and Dave once saw 3 eagles on this tree but I have never seen more than two. Usually there is just one and they are not there everyday. I feel lucky to glimpse them as often as I do. We get a lot of kestrels around here. Dave built a kestrel house for them, we hope one will take up residence this spring. I see lots of hawks right out my door, they are on telephone poles and fence posts on my road and then on the next road leading to town.

Here are some crows for Pam, I have become so found of them I will really miss them when they move on for the summer. I like the one with the little patch of white. Dave now calls them "My Crows".

Some of the Glitter sisters met in Yorkshire and posted a pic of their gathering. It was so great to see all the faces and see what a wonderful time they were having. We are quite a group. Makes me all the more excited about meeting Pam in September. That'll be a riot for sure. I am meeting a couple other Internet buddies next month in Baltimore and that will be a incredible time for sure. We have been writing for over ten years and it will be our first meeting. I love it.

One World One Heart

The prizes will be picked tomorrow morning. Send a comment to enter to win my earrings before then.

Quote of the Day: "Discarding doubt is a decision to connect with your original self, This is the mark of people who live self actualized lives, They think in no limit ways". - Wayne Dyer


Leah said...

i'm loving all the bird pics!! it must be great fun to have a new camera to play with. i'm a big fan of crows and they look so gorgeous in winter in the bare tree branches. i don't know if you've read this elsewhere or on my blog where i've mentioned it before, but i read that crows are considered by some to be an omen of change.

Daisy Lupin said...

The picture of the, not one but, two eagles is just so amazing. You are so lucky to be able to watch birds such as these.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh how I wish I were there! I would have loved to meet other glitter sisters. FUN FUN FUN!

Looks like you are having a good time with your new camera! YOU GOOO! Nature is soo beautiful!

Pam Aries said...

Oh Kate! These pics are Cawsome! Nature is the best thing ever!

Lisa said...

Great pics. I saw a crow this morning (crossing the road in front of me lol) while driving my son to school and I thought of your crow pics and thought of Pam AND thought of the ATCs. I know you and Pam are going to have a great time. I plan to make that trip one of these days (maybe I should let Pam know, huh? lol) It's about 6 hours, give or take.

Love the quote by Wayne Dyer. I've been coming across words like self-actualizing and self-referencing alot in my reading lately.

Ok...I'm too chatty for a comment box. Talk to ya later. :)

Lisa said...

Not atcs....chunky book.

LisaOceandreamer said...

What fantastic photos! I am itching for a new camera but the one I am drooling over is just not in the budget. hmm, I need to visualize myself taking FANTASTIC photos with it huh?
When you are out in Pam's neighborhood in Sept. it would not be out of the realm of possibility that others may show up too. just sayin' - you never know! ;) ;)