Saturday, March 24, 2007

Finding Water Week Five

Finding Water week 5 check In

I took a walk along the canal this week. It was the first time in a long time so it was very nice. Flynn had a great time. I did my morning pages every day this week.
I took an Artist date at the book store in Missoula. One of the requirements this week is to do a list of things we love so hear in mine.

What I love;

1. Looking at stars
2. The Moon
3. Strawberries and cream.
4. A walk in the moonlight
5. The songs of birds
6. Seeing crows, eagles, hawks
7. Drawing
8. Creating Art
9. Weaving
10. Spinning my own yarn
11. Dyeing fibers and fabric
12. Making something out of nothing
13. Petting a cat
14. Blue skies and sunshine 70 degrees’
15. The smell of fresh baked bread
16. A slice of fresh bread with raspberry honey butter at the State Fair
17. Fresh peaches over vanilla ice scream
18. Going out to lunch with friends
19. My family
20. The smell of freshly shorn sheep
21. Giving handmade gifts
22. Burning candles and incense
23. Camping at Teton national park
24. Going to see wolves at Yellowstone National Park
25. Playing with watercolors
26. Discovering more about myself
27. Connecting with other women
28. To hear live music
29. Listening to all kinds of music
30. Talking about hopes and dreams with others
31. The ocean
32. Walking on the beach, along the river
33. Swimming
34. Teaching others to create
35. Meeting people on the Internet
36. Working on puzzles
37. Playing board games
38. Dancing
39. quiet time alone
40. Flowers
41. A good glass of wine
42. The comfort of tea
43. Traveling to other places
44. Walking Labyrinths
45. Living in the mountains
46. Reading a good story
47. Writing
48. Going to the Utah desert
49. My new paintings
50. Learning new things

Once again I found this week easy going. Not sure what that means. We are headed in to week 6 which is halfway through the book. I realize I have never gotten this far before so it must being part of a group that helps.


Daisy Lupin said...

I am becoming more and more intrigued by this book everyone is doing Finding Water, surely it must be more difficult than people are making it look. I love your list of favourite things, many of them are mine too.

Pam Aries said...

Hey Miss Kate! I am so glad you are enjoying your journey in Finding Water! I loved The Artist's Way! It got me started on a path! THe weather here is gorgeous!

Terri /Tinker said...

I tried doing the AW on my own a few times, and never got very far...but when I did it with the group on-line last year it went much easier and I made it all the way through.

Enjoyed reading your list - I posted my list the other day, and we have some in common - though not having sheep, I don't have those on my list - but they do make me happy when I see them.