Monday, March 12, 2007

My take from the auction

This is what I bought at our church auction. Its a beaded necklace and earrings. Its old since the earrings are not pierced. I may keep as is or use the beads in another way; I haven't decided yet. My towel ended up selling for 45.00 which is really good. I usually sell them for 30.00-35.00

I have spent the day on the computer tying up loose ends, doing all those little things to work again. I got my scanner working again so I am back to scanning in my grandparents letters. I am starting to write a proposal to use when I contact the Smithsonian and other groups that I might get a grant from. I do need to do some research on what is needed and so forth. It does feel good to at least put a few words down about it.

In Carolyn See's book she suggests you start creating a mailing list for when your book is published. So I started doing that so it will be ready when I need to send all of you flyer's on it. I figure to do a few names a day and before I know it I will be done and just need to add a few names here and there as I meet new people.

I am discovering a little what self care is. I pulled out my copy of Jennifer Louden's The Womans comfort book. I do a lot of the things she mentioned but I guess not consistently enough. I have decided to make a list of things I do that are self care and things that I could do and see where I am at. Its all a new discovery now. I think of more things everyday. Just today after I worked out, I stayed and spent some time in the steam room and the hot tub. It felt so good but lately I have not been giving myself the time to even do that.

It was 66 out today, that is really warm for this time of year. I love it. It makes me want to be out working on my garden. I hope tomorrow is just as nice. I left the house with a coat and was that silly. I had no idea it was so warm out. I'd like to get those primroses planted before they all die inside. Maybe I will tackle that tomorrow.

Quote of the Day: You can live a lifetime and, at the end of it, know more about other people than you know about yourself- Beryl Markham


Leah said...

i love that book by jennifer louden.

congrats on the sale of your towel. that's great!

Anonymous said...

First things first, REMEMBER ME! I wanta be put on a list so that I will be notified when you are published! THAT WOULD BE SOOO FREAKIN' KEWL!
I go for walks every morning, well I TRY every morning. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don't. I try every morning though. Other then walking, I paint. LOLOLOL WOOO Let me tell ya that builds up those muscles and works off that waist line. LOLOL (I WISH!) LOLOL
Anyhoo, what you got at your Church Auction Is pretty. :) Anyhoo, you take care girly!

Daisy Lupin said...

Glad you sold your towel. I love the beads you bought they are beautiful, I enlarged the photo to look, they look oriental there is something like a feng shui coin hanging and a little jade man, possibly a god. Lovely

Pam Aries said...

I have the same book by jennifer Louden! I love the jewelry and I am happy to know your beautiful handwoven towel sold for a good price! ...ALWAYS take time for yourself... everything is better when you do!