Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Three and half hour lunch

I met my friend Kate for lunch this afternoon. We hadn't seen each other in eight months so we ended up talking about everything it was a nice relaxing time. We were at Chili's and after eating we decided on dessert.

This is the cutest dessert ever. I felt like we were in Paris eating in an oudoor cafe. These dishes are tall shot glasses. The dessert had a brownie in the bottom with layers of custard chocolate and cream, yummy. The waiter kept coming back to see if we wanted more drinks or anything else. He once said he couldn't believe we were still there. It should have dawned on me then but I never realized how long we had been there until I looked at the time. We had been there more than 3.5 hours... The longest lunch I have ever had.

My friend Kai sent me this lovely Valentine and ATC, thanks Kai.

This is a get well card my friend Ang sent me, how sweet that was, thanks Ang.

After two tries Fed Ex finally delivered a package to my house. They lost it the first time and I had to have the company send me a new one. I have a set of 100 markers now, I love all the colors.


KaiBlueCreations said...

LOL..you sound like us at coffee, time flies with loving friends to share all your news with.
Glad you got the valentines and your pens..
I posted a Q for U on the NewEarth blog..
PEace, Kai

Pam Aries said...

three and a half hour lunch..WEll that's the way they do it in Paris! .. How long do you think Glitter lunches will be in Sedona! mwaahahaha!

Julie Marie said...

I love those Looong lunches with friends. The time passes so quickly.

Wow - 100 markers. You must really have a great range of colors to choose from.


Shop girl said...

Love the colors in your new markers...Have fun! Mary