Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Peace begins with me and you

My friend Meg who I have met through the 100 day challenge is a film maker and I wanted to share her film with you. Its about Peace and it is really wonderful.


Kate I said...

Kate...and Meg...this is so beautiful! Well done Meg!

I'm beginning to slowly see a shift in people's perception of peace...that it's each person's own responsibility to create their own peace...just in the last year or so. Would it be OK if I had a link to this from my site?

KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha Kate,
you know my take on Peace. I think Meg has a beautiful soul for making this film and you have the same for sharing it.
Giving Peace a chance would be lovely today, and tomorrow, and the next.

PEace always, Kai xx

Anonymous said...

WOW Kate!!! She is totally inspiring! How would I contact her if I wanted to put this video on my blog as well?

PJ said...

Very well said and presented! There is many sides of everything, but if all sides would say things with the grace that Megumi has...we really would so much better off. Well done! Please tell her this- thank you.