Sunday, February 17, 2008

Online classes

For all those who asked about online classes.

Kathy Johnson's blog shows her CD's and has link to her classes on her sidebar. I could not recommend her highly enough she is wonderful.

Paulette Insall list her classes on her blog also. Her painting faces class is almost full. Her backgrounds class is full.

I bought a birthday present just for me... You can see the easel I got to your left. This is the Bob Ross table top easel. Suzi Blu raved on how much she liked it so I checked it out. It was only with that 40% off coupon that I could afford it. Easels are pretty pricey and with the coupon I managed to get 32.00 off the price. You can't beat that. I have it all set up with a canvas ready to go. The color is darker than the picture actually a nice warm elm. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't fit where I wanted to put it. I hate it when you buy something new and it makes you rethink the arrangement of the entire room. Now that of course has nothing to do with the easel really. I actually like it and think it will be great to use.

I found this little journal kit yesterday while out looking for inspiration at all the craft stores in town. Its by 7 gypsies and it has a chipboard cover that you can decorate in any way you want and 3 sets of signatures and instructions on putting it together. Being the journal fanatic that I am I couldn't resist it. I think it will be fun to decorate and put together.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate!

I looked her class
up online and couldn't
find it. So this is a
big help!

Have a Blessed Year!!!


Olivia said...

Well, so when is your birthday, Kate? Is it soon? xxoo, O

KaiBlueCreations said...

Im a journal fanatic too.. :) It's so interesting to see all the different styles and combinations you can find.
Peace, Kai xx

Anonymous said...

WOW Kate! What a wonderful easel!!! :) Thanks for sharing with us! *HUGS*

Julie Marie said...

I have one of those journals but haven't done anything with it yet.

I'll bet you'll feel more like painting when you easel is right there and waiting for you.