Sunday, February 03, 2008

100 day challenge on Oprah

First the big news in that the 100 day challenge will be part of a show on the Secret on Oprah this coming Wednesday. They used some video's from participants and no I am not one of them. The show should be really good.

Some Art

Here are my pages from the round robin book I have been working on. The theme was words and art. Easy and then not so easy. This is what I did.

I started working on my One World One Heart project today. I hope to have pictures up tomorrow.

I got an early birthday present. A 10 piece cookware set its Emerilware by All Clad which is a really good brand, even if it has Emeril's name on it. its stainless so I need to learn how to cook in stainless cookware again but I like it.

This is something I put on a vision board a year ago. Its time I did a new board because I have manifested most of the things I put on it. i was going to get some Calphalon which is a lot more expensive but I am happy with my choice. I got some really good paring knives too. Its great to have some good equipment to cook with.

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KaiBlueCreations said...

I love the picture of the sunflower and peace Kate, it's just so uplifting and pretty :)
Peace, Kai xx