Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Ideas

Yesterday I spent most of my time scanning letters and organizing things for the book about my Grandparents. I really got a new insight or revelation about the project. It became clear that this project is like doing a thesis or having a job and I need to start treating it like that. Its always been this small past time and if I continue to see it that way it will take me another twenty years. I moved my computer and printer to the kitchen table where I can spread out and this will now be my focus. I have set new goals regarding the project. My plans are to finish scanning the letters next week and start printing and reading them after that. I just realized I have a good twenty or so letters that have no dates so I am going to have to figure out where they fit into their story. That will be challenging but still fun.

I started a journal page last night. I am trying to incorporate a piece of a napkin in it. I separated the layers of paper but I think I should have kept them intact. The flower looks very transparent now. I think I just may paint over it. We'll see how that works, I'll post it later.

I went shopping for a new desk but nothing seemed right so I guess I will be waiting longer for a new desk. I want to find the one that will work perfectly for me and sometimes that it hard.

I hope you are all having a great weekend...


Sharon said...

I commentd you on your Grandparent project. It will be so much fun reading those letters and trying to put the puzzel together.
I wanted to tell you, I always separate and use the top layer of the napkin. It should look very transparent and it is nice to have a layer of small text or hand writing or anything behind the napkin. I hope you show tomorrow.
Anxious to see.

PJ said...

What an awesome project! Something to really treasuer. Thanks for sharing the thoughts behind it and how your approaching it. LOVE the cutest couple, too! (two bald eagles you captured!)

Julie said...

How astute of you to realize that you needed to approach your project from another direction. I am sure that you will now be able to make great progress with it.