Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Morning

Its Sunday Morning, I decided to stay home today. I am going to work on the painting today. Its sorta funny I stare at it everyday and think I need to work on it but I do something else instead. Its some fear again, so I am going to conquer that today and move forward.

Just as I was about to go to the studio Dave came home with this.

Its my birthday present and he could not wait till Wednesday to give it to me. He is such a little kid sometimes. No its not the ipod but what the ipod sits in. Its a charger and speaker and the sound is fantastic, has its own remote and I really like it. So of course I had to play with it for awhile.

I did go work on the painting again but it still has a lot of work. I have painted the dress 4 or 5 colors and then just slabbed white paint on it to start over again. Ah the joys of creating.

I haven't done much with the journal page either. Sharon from All Norah's Art wrote and told me she uses one layer of napkin so I guess I was right there. I painted over the flower a little, stamped the word spring on a separate piece of paper and glued it to the page and then decided I hated it and ripped it off which of course took off the paint and gesso and I am back to the taped page I started with. Sometimes art really is a process. Maybe tomorrow I will have something worth showing. Happy Creating to all of you.

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Olivia said...

Kate, You have a thoughtful husband! Love, O