Friday, February 01, 2008

New Month New Beginnings

Its a new month full of new beginnings. Some of you know I participate in the 100 Day reality challenge on Youtube. Well a few days ago I finished the challenge. It was extremely rewarding and I saw many things manifest for me. I decided to do a season 2 which I am starting today.

For season 2 these are my goals:

To work on my book about my Grandparents: this will include finishing scanning their letters, organizing materials, seek out grants or other funding to help finance the travel I need to do on this project. Start planning what those trips need to be and who I need to be connecting with. Explore the idea of a possible documentary.

To continue to work on self care which will include Yoga, Meditation and changing my eating patterns and continue to work on my personal relationships.

To work on improving my artistic skills, mainly painting. I really want to paint faces. I will make some journals and finally master the art of transfers.

I want to get back to weaving, I will finish the triangle shawl and weave Dave's blanket and work on the dishtowels already on the loom.

I think thats plenty to be working on.

I have a slew of things almost finished. I almost have the warp wound for the blanket. I almost have the pages for the round robin book done. Now I need to come up with an idea for One World One Heart. If I hadn't been sick the last 2 weeks I would have had something done by now. I hope to have something up in the next couple days.


Gemma said...

You are inspirational. I'm so glad we are going to be able to spend some time together in Sedona...maybe I can get some ideas from you on organizing and prioritizing projects. You seem to have it going on.

Kate I said...

Oh my gosh...I feel tired just thinking about all you want to do! That's a very full list but it's so good that you have goals for the year....I'm working on that too.
I'm so glad you're feeling better now Kate.

KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha Kate,
I'm glad you are up and about again. I got your beautiful and very thoughtful gift from Missoula.. you have a kind and lovely soul.
Peace, Kai

Julie Marie said...

So, so glad you are feeling beter. Wow, you are so ambitious, in a good way. Winter is hard for me. Hoepfully, when it is spring (in April, in ND) I can realize some of my ambitions too.


Shop girl said...

Be well! I read you list of things to do...OH my Gosh! I have been cleaning like crazy, but now I know it was and is nothing compared to this. I have so many unfinished projects...sad. I should put some of them on my blog and see if someone would like to take them home. They haunt me, staying in my thoughts, but never to be realized. I will do that tomorrow?! You go girl, stay warm!
Mary, Idaho

Olivia said...

Congratulations, Kate! 100 Days is a big accomplishment...may your Season 2 deliver even more blessings, insights, and growth! Love, O

Jonna Barnett said...

Good luck with your season 2 goals. I admire you for taking this kind of a challenge on. I'm off to make something for the One World One Heart gizmo also.