Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another Blog

There is a lot a talk about the book The New Earth and the Oprah class on it coming up in March. I started a another blog at the request of a friend to have a discussion about the book. If you are reading it and taking the class and want a smaller forum for discussion send me an email and I will invite you to our blog. There is a forum also on Oprah.com but with 170,000 people signed up that is a little overwhelming. This is much smaller and more intimate. So join us if you like.

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Kate I said...

Kate, I signed up for the Oprah book club just for this book...but I haven't read it yet and won't be able to get the book until I get home at the beginning of March. I've read the rest of Tolle's books and loved the Power of Now. Have you read The New Earth yet?
Sign me up anyway and I can join in when I get home.

If you need my web address it's http://kateiredale.typepad.com/ rather than this one that allows me into post comments on blogspot sites. Blogger seems to have it set up now so that Typepad users can't sign in for comments anymore without creating a Blogger account. Or maybe I'm just missing something!!

Isn't it great that over 170,000 people are reading a book like this?