Thursday, February 07, 2008

Snow Squall

My friend Kai asked how much snow we had. Well today we have wind which means nasty conditions and road closures. I canceled the 2 appointments that I had this afternoon since there might be a good chance I could not make it home. Here are some shots of the snow.

I am taking this right out my front door.

This is the view from my car, looking out at the house.

This is from the other driveway by our truck, can you see how much higher the snow is by my dog Flynn?

This is the view of the snow bank on the road, my mailbox looks sort of short now.


KaiBlueCreations said...

wow Kate, that's a tun of the white stuff.. I'm really looking forward to Sedona and some Warm!!
Flynn looks pretty happy in the snow, my pups love to play in it..
Looking at the photos, even in the bleak whiteness, every thing looks Calm and clean.. Winter wonderland indeed!
PEace n love, Kai

Janet said...

Snow always looks so beautiful and it makes the world hushed and quiet but I still don't want to deal with it anymore! I'll take sunshine and cool temps!!

PJ said...

Awesome snow pictures! Your house looks so cozy underneath all that snow!..and to think we have 'snow days' when it snows 3-4"! I bet a school bus has NO problem on your road!

Shop girl said...

I love the crunch under my feet, and the scent of the air after the snow. The sound of silence is so beautiful....and you GO SNOW!
I think South Idaho is going to stop soon...I think!
Hugs, mary

Laume said...

So that's where all our snow went? We'd been having snow every day for over three weeks and then suddenly about four days ago, it just disappeared! From the skies, which are now this strange BLUE color. We've still got plenty of the white stuff left on the ground though, so you're welcome to it. It's pretty, but I'm tired of shoveling.