Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Out of Darkness

Here is yesterdays page, I find myself in a depression again, I really hate it but feel captured by it. I hope it doesn't last long. When I was making this I just wanted to walk through the doorway and see a brighter different world than my own. It would be so simple if we could just do that.

There are many people participating in Misty's 31 days of art journaling. You can see a list of participants at the link above. There is some wonderful art being created out there so check out some of those links.

Oh and yes the kitten is still indoors and taking over my life. His name is Boromir now and we call him Bo for short. Sarah wanted to name our last cat that name but it was a girl. So now she gets her wish. For those unaware he is a character in Lord of the Rings, her favorite one. He is a little cutie trying to capture my heart.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a kitten to turn a depression around! I think he's hooked you my dear!!

Lynn said...

Lovely page that says so much.

Olivia said...

Congratulations on creating when you are depressed, Kate. I think it takes incredible strength to do that. I think that this, perhaps more than anything, is what makes one a true artist! Love to you, O