Friday, January 02, 2009

Art Jounal Challenge

I decided to take on another challenge. Misty Mawn is doing an Art journal challenge, you just commit to doing a page a day.

Day 1 this has no special meaning other than thinking about my wishes for the coming year.

Day 2 is a homage to my hands who do so much for me. I would find it hard to do all that I do without them.

I am headed to Missoula in the morning. The girl wants to head back to college a little early. We picked what we thought would be good days weather wise so I hope that holds out. This afternoon we made vision boards together, that was fun. I need to add some more to mine. Sarah already packed hers so you only get to see mine.


Sioux said...

You all drive safely, and may you have a blessed and peaceful 2009!

With love...

Lynn said...

enjoying catching up on this whole page of posts. I have the same camera as you. It's very easy to use and good too.
Your weavings are lovely and the collage journal pages inspiring.
I want my word to be inspired.

Lisa said...

Oh the journal pages are great. Sounds like a fun challenge. I haven't been to Misty's in a while. I should head over there. I think doing vision boards together is a great mom-daughter thing!