Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Catching up its now Day 7

Here is my page for today. I am finally caught up in posting these pages. I tried a few new techniques that I found in the Art Journaling magazine I talked about in my last post. I used Susan Buckner's idea of painting and then setting up borders, adding embellishment and journaling. I also used technique using charcoal pencils for shading as shown by Pam Carriker. I only had one size charcoal pencil a 4b, so I just used what I had. Pam used 3 different sizes. I liked using the charcoal pencil and will probably do more of this in the future. I think that is the value of these magazines. You get to try new things and work them into your own art in your own way.


NerdyMom said...

Awesome. I just picked up that issue too, and so funny, that article looked so doable and fun too! I love how you did this.

angel said...

hey kate, i love this page(s). something about the different patterns layered, the road - definitely which way to go? keep up the great work!