Monday, January 12, 2009

12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women

I decided a little late in the game that I wanted to join this blogging book group. The first step is owning our own creativity and we are to share where we are on our creative journey.

When I look back I have always been creative. As a child I learned to sew from my mother and used to sew my own clothes. This led to playing with oil paints when I was 18-22 I gave that up somewhere along the way. I moved on to embroidery. I did crewel and cross stitch for a number of years. Then I moved to spinning my own yarns, and weaving and dyeing and knitting. I still so those creative pursuits but its Art that pulled me back.

While my daughter was young I took art classes locally, I never felt I was good enough and was really intimidated by other artists. I took colored pencil and watercolor and then basic drawing based on Betty Edwards book Drawing on the Right side of the Brain. I learned so much in that class. I then took acrylic painting. I never seemed to do anything beyond the classes I was taking. I became interested in Mixed media art and bought countless copies of Somerset studio but I never managed to go beyond doing basic stamping and making cards.

It took spraining my ankle severely almost 3 years ago. I was laid up for a couple months and the Internet was my entertainment. I found Danny Gregory and Violette and I made the decision to become the artist I always thought I was. I haven't looked back since then. I continue to try new techniques, to expand my skills and evolve as an artist. I still struggle with comparing myself to other artists and do get frustrated with learning on my own but I persevere somehow. I hope that the journey through this book will give some insights on keeping the ideas flowing and following through on ideas and more.

Todays journal page. Misty did one in blue so I followed along. I wondered how much difference there would between using black gesso and black paint. This is black paint and the surface is so different I really like the gesso better.


Olivia said...

I'm so glad you're in the group, Kate. I think it will be a wonderful adventure! Welcome! Love, O

Naturally Jules said...

Oh, I can so relate! Glad that we can walk this creative road together!

Belle said...

I love the story of your creative journey, and especially this: "I made the decision to become the artist I always thought I was. I haven't looked back since then." It sends shivers down my back, the power of that moment of intention. Truly inspiring - thank you.

traveler one said...

Welcome to the group! It's already becoming such a fabulous journey- even better because we're doing it together!

Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
Im glad you're spreading your creative wings and taking flight with a lovely group..
Art on!!
Peace, Kai

Lisa said...

Woweee. I thought I was all caught up reading the blogs from the group and now there are twice as many. I'm so glad that you're one of them! Love the page and I'm not glad you sprained your ankle but I am glad that something so wonderful came out of it.

Jamie Ridler said...

Here's to being the artist you know you are!