Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 17 Yellow

I tried to post last night but my camera battery needed to be recharged. Yellow was interesting to do. The daisy's on the side is a piece of napkin. I liked the backside better so I put it on that way and there is no way you can tell that. I recently purchased some glue just for ribbon. Let me tell it really works well. when i realized I had put the ribbon on crooked I could not get it off. So the stuff works great. Today I will work on my last color - pink. I wonder what Misty will suggest for the coming week. I am sure it will be some challenge worthy of undertaking.


Claire said...

i just love this!! such a sweet and sunny face :o)

Belle said...

This one is so beautiful. I really love the yellows, and the pensive look on the girl's face. So beautiful.

zorana said...

She is lovely! The ribbon does not look crooked to me... and even if it was I would call it artistic. xo