Saturday, January 31, 2009

Excited about writing again

Finally a post with writing content. First i was really delighted to hear that Neil Gaiman has won the Newbery Award, the country's highest honor for contributions to children's literature for the Graveyard book. If you haven't read it check it out, its such a fun story and I heard it will be made into a film. That will be fantastic. I have been reading some great posts on Neil's blog that have really gotten me back to working on my novel. This is a great post about where he gets his ideas.

This past week I was at the villa coffeehouse with my friend Kate for a writing date. For some reason the internet was down so I was forced to really work at writing instead of being seduced by the wonder of the net. I am working on a scene in the book where I have several things to do that I really don't know how to do well. I ended up making a list. One of the things was writing a dream sequence and my idea had to read some novels that have dream sequences in them to see how it has been done. Then I thought maybe someone on the net has blogged about this subject. I looked it up when I was back at home and discovered that several people had posted information on the subject. I like it when you can find answers so easily.

I have been using a free software program called yWriter to organize my novel and I really liked it. It became difficult when I put more than one manuscript in it. I had difficulty finding files and so forth. It became really frustrating. So then I found this Noveling Writing Software on the net. I looked at other ones too and this seemed to have great reviews. I wished they had a free trial online or something like that. I ended up going to PC magazine reviews and discovered yWriter has a new version and this time I found a users manual, user group and more. So I decided to work with the free software for now. yWriter5 can be found here I also found that I could import my file from word directly to yWriter and it will put it into chapters and scenes automatically. That was pretty cool. You might want to check it out.


Olivia said...

I'm very excited for you to be able to get a good start on this, Kate. I bookmarked the resources you mentioned. I am still not writing, but hoping to have the energy to do so soon, so I'm sure I'll refer to it. Very exciting! xxoo, O

Shopgirl said...

Spring is on my mind too..
I have never written a book, but alot of short stories.
Keep on writing....I can hardly wait to read your book.
Hugs, Mary
I will look for the Grave yard book