Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Messes in the studio

One of these days I will one wear old clothes in the studio and two to put the top back on bottles of Golden fluid acrylics. I now have purple paint on my pj's and a hint of burnt sienna all over the floor. Am I the only one who makes huge messes that could have been avoided. I think my depression has moved on to frustration.

This is my page for day 6, it didn't turn out like I wanted but there is no time to dwell on that as I need to do another page today.

I found this at Barnes & Noble yesterday. The nice thing about it is its not the same old people you seem to see in the books now days. I was only familiar with 2 of the Artists in the whole magazine. If you are an Art Journaler you will like it. I got a few new ideas and lots of inspiration.

Here is Bo on Dave's blanket, as you can see they blend well together.

This guy just needed his picture taken.


Lisa said...

Everything I own has paint or gesso on it. Incidentally, lots of Patrick's things do, too, because I often borrow a tshirt or sweatshirt. oops!

I have been looking for that magazine. My Barnes didn't have it. Boo hoo! Neither did ACMoore. I want it! I do. I also want the book 1000 journal pages. I'm hoping for a Barnes discount if I get the job Friday! I'm having photo issues today. Can't see half of anyone's pictures. I'll try to get back to see some of yours.

Olivia said...

Oh, me too, Kate. An occupational hazard. Hope you feel back to normal soon :) xxoo, O

Pam Aries said...

All great artists are messy...! Well...I think January is a depressing month anyway.So I know how you feel. Hang in there! I went to B#N just to look and that mag was one I picked up! I did start journaling this week.