Thursday, January 22, 2009

Journaling day 21, 22

Day 21 focus was taking a photo and altering it. I took a picure of my hands threading my loom. I sanded areas of the picture and painted over some spots and then extended the idea out. Not sure if I liked it. I wanted to add a poem about hands but couldn't find anything I liked so I just added some words about using my hands and creating something from nothing.

Today's task was to use only crayons. Well first I went in my daughters room looking for crayons and found a box of 64. No black so it was hard to do. The crayons weren't pointed enough to do fine lines so I found it frustrating. I couldn't get a dark color for the eye. They seemed way to waxy. So next I went to watercolor crayons and they worked better, I did use some white gel pen for the whites of the eyes, I know that's not allowed but I couldn't get the white any other way. Then I tried to fix under the eye and things started smearing. The wet gel pen and water soluble crayons can cause a mess. I like working with the watercolor crayons so much more than regular crayons. There was no way to fix things with the regular crayons but with the watercolor ones I could wet and remove the color. It was an interesting exercise, I may try doing it just with watercolor crayons next time.

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Diana M. Raab said...

What beautiful work you do! As a journaling advocate I can't stress the enough the importance of journaling! And also congratulations on your NaNoWriNo award! What an accomplishment! That is a lot of work.

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Happy Journaling!