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Friday, February 13, 2009

CED - some sketches and a painted face

My entries for Creative Every Day this week. the first was done in a moleskine journal.

... the second an artist sketchbook. I have been looking to try new poses so I have been using paintings of other artists as inspiration.

... and this one I did using some of Sharons work as inspiration. I am trying to do the 2 women she did as friends as more a mother and daughter look. I find it hard to show age on a face. Do you think one looks younger? I think I will do another sketch and try to have the mother have her arm around the daughter.

I decided to paint another face in my journal
trying out a new fluid color for the background. for a shade of purple I think it is more magenta like.

and a picture of the kitten for my daughter.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 17 Yellow

I tried to post last night but my camera battery needed to be recharged. Yellow was interesting to do. The daisy's on the side is a piece of napkin. I liked the backside better so I put it on that way and there is no way you can tell that. I recently purchased some glue just for ribbon. Let me tell it really works well. when i realized I had put the ribbon on crooked I could not get it off. So the stuff works great. Today I will work on my last color - pink. I wonder what Misty will suggest for the coming week. I am sure it will be some challenge worthy of undertaking.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Red is the color

I have not painted in red before and I thought it would be easy after white. Once I got the background down I had no clue what to do next. I thought of a painting with a sweeping dress but felt constrained by my journal size. My pages are 7 x 9. Perhaps I need to try that on a canvas. Red just speaks passion to me. Passion about life and art and living authentically. I also think of red wine, which is my favorite especially Merlot. So I named her Merlot Lady. I like to think she has a merlot colored velvet dress on and that she is going to a special event. I think she should have some fantastic jewel on maybe I will add one later. I need to move on to yellow now.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

day 9

Here is day 9's journal page. I decided to just paint a face. It just from my head, not really a self portrait since I do not have blue eyes, although i do have that color hair. I guess I could say its a self portrait and it really doesn't have to look like me at all. This time I tried doing the eyelids with paint instead of pen. I still need to work on colors and shading. The more I mix face paint the better I get at it so I know it will come over time. I may going to do another black gessoed page today. I painted the page last night. My friend Sophie says she uses colored pencil on the black and I want to try that. I will post it later tonight.