Saturday, January 24, 2009

Following our facinations

I am on to secret 3 from the book 12 secrets of highly creative women. Of all the concepts in this chapter I think I resonated with the idea of taking risks and listening to our intuitive messages and following those fascinations.

Just what kind of risk taker am I. In some senses I feel like I am taking a risk any time I post some art to my blog. There is a lot of it I don't like. I have been consciously trying not to apologize for it. To just let it be what it is and move on. That is not always easy. In the scheme of big risks though I don think it is much of anything. I have taken risks in trying to promote my died fibers this past year. It doesn't seem like I have risked much lately, maybe it tends to go in cycles.

I think I am one who really listens to her intuitive messages. I don't always follow through on them to the degree that I would like. Its like the first idea is great, and yes I am excited about it but what is the next step and the next and so forth. I think that is where I become lost. In other ways I just have too many ideas and inclinations that I do not know how to stay focused on all of them. I haven't worked out a system where I decide what is worth pursuing and what is not. In her interview Jessie talked about making lists and prioritizing items. That is an idea I might look into because what I am doing now is just not working.

What Inspires me and encourages me: That would be other artists and bloggers and comments that others leave for me.

Jamie asked us to take one brave step toward our dreams: I am going to look into what it takes to be published in one of the art magazines. I think CPS has a new challenge so I will look that up and start preparing something to submit.

I think the greatest thing about this group is the ideas from everyone else. I wouldn't get that reading the book on my own. Thanks to everyone else for sharing their stories.


Kavindra said...

I agree that the group's greatest strength is in us chickitas, not so much between the pages. Thank you for your lovely comments and for the thoughtful posts.

That racket you hear in the distance is me cheering you on as you investigate publishing. Way to think BIG this week!

gemma said...

Hi Kate...It's good to have you here. I understand what you mean about having so many ideas and not really getting them sorted out. I always say I'm going to make a list then get busy and the day is done...Yes there is definate value in writing things down. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

good for you for following your desire to try to get published. i think that the world is a better place when we take the time to believe in ourselves and take risks. i look forward to seeing your piece in a CPS issue soon!

Genie Sea said...

I agree. The group is like a power station of endless light and inspiration :)

Becci said...

Yes! Do send your stuff to the magazines! I sent stuff to Stampington and Company publications. If you go to the book store and look in the back of the magazines you'll find their guidlines for submittions...
There is a new on called "Art Journals". They also have all kinds of other mediums, mixed media, handbags, altered coutoure,soft dolls etc.