Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 14 Green

I barely got this finished before midnight so I am late in posting. A combination of things here. I painted the background earlier and its very textured. It was hard getting the rub ons to stick well. This is the first time I added all the background stuff before painting the face. I don't think I will do it that way again. It was hard working the hair in around the words. I am sure learning a lot this month.

Lynn asked how I use paintsticks. After cutting the seal with an exacto knife I just take my finger and smear it onto my fingers and start putting it onto the paper. I haven't mastered using a paint brush with them yet but I am sure you can do it that way.

I had my first photography class and it was really awesome. I am going to love it. I already know more about my camera and can't wait to go taking some new shots. My new season of the 100 day challenge starts tomorrow and I still don't have a plan yet. It will all come together since it usually does.

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Julie said...

I like the fact that the dress and the background are very similar - but not the same - and that they almost blend in together.