Thursday, January 15, 2009

More on 12 secrets journey

Right after I had posted about my creative journey and where I am in the scheme of things for the Next Chapter blogging group I realized I had left a big part out. The writing, I was just going to let it slip but thought no that is part of me so it needs to be talked about.

When my daughter was young I had a spiritual reading done and was told I would write and illustrate a childrens book. Not feeling that I was an Artist at all or even a writer it was a little daunting. I was willing to accept this on one hand but on another fought the idea constantly. I began taking art classes and reading books on writing. I actually found myself wanting to write and wondered if the desire had always been there or not. I have always wrote in a journal so the act of writing something was not unusual to me. I can remember when the Waltons came on TV and John boy would sit in his room with his notepads and write. I was drawn to it back then. It was only stream of consciousness stuff but I think that is where it did begin for me.

I did writing exercises from Natalie Goldberg's books and then the Artist Way came and I have books of morning pages that I did. I never managed to take the writing beyond that step and into a story. Meanwhile I had a daughter who wrote and thought maybe all this writing interest is just to make it real for her and offer the nourishment she needs. I read so many books about writing that although I couldn't write a story yet I could have written one on writing. I realize I had a block about the whole thing but didn't know what to do about it.

I always was looking for that one book that would be the break through for me. For me that became No Plot No Problem by Chris Baty. This is where he tells about the National Novel Writing Month. It was July when I read the book. I waited till November and I took the challenge. I wrote a simple novel that month, 50,000 words. It was the starting point for me. I have done Nanowrimo 2 more times since then.

I still don't have a finished novel but I am able to write more every year. I have an idea for children's book that I am worked on a little this year. I have been thinking I would like to write a short story and then I got an idea for another children's book so the ideas are there. This one involves illustration so I may see my art and writing intertwining with this idea. I just need to learn to follow through. I want to revise one of the nano novels, I like the idea of the one I did last year and feel its worth pursuing. My season 5 of the 100 day challenge starts today and one of my intentions is to work on the novel. We'll see where this journey takes me next.


Julie said...

Follow your dream. I eagerly await to hear the next step in the process of writing a children's book!

Belle said...

It's wonderful reading about your writing process. Finishing NanoWriMo is such a big achievement, and you've done it three times! I'd say you're a writer, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the children's book.