Saturday, October 25, 2008

Went to Missoula

I have gone up to Missoula to work on the Obama campaign here. I thought I would work today and tomorrow but after all the getting ready to go and the 5 hour drive here I was just too pooped. I signed up to work tomorrow at noon. Sarah and I spent the rest of the day shopping. I was really good at the bookstore.

I bought a couple sheets of white paper and these new acrylics by Golden. They had a small set 6 colors in a small package so I got them to try out. I have heard good reports about these new paints and was interested in trying them. This was the first place I have seen them.

Here is todays drawing.....


Sharon said...

Kate, I really like this face. Now I must go to the Golden site and see what is new about their paint.

Lynn said...

Your women are so pretty. I love this ones eyes and coloring.

Nice about the paint find.

I have an old friend who lives in Salmon, ID. She goes to Missula to shop too. ;-)