Monday, October 13, 2008

More Mail Art

I got some Mail art today or I should say it must have been Saturday since there has been no mail delivery today, I just never looked in the mailbox all weekend,

Kai sent this lovely letter and included a wonderful story from when Madeleine L'Engle was writer in residence for Victoria magazine. She's a favorite of mine. in fact a few years back I wrote to a few authors and she is the only one who ever wrote me back. I kept the letter, its safely tucked away. I relaly thought it was nice to get a hand written letter from her.

I got this from Sioux, this is truly amazing, I think its called a zentangle.

I also got this ATC to match, well not really match but they do complement themselves.

A heads up to all Misty Mawn fans, she has a video on Youtube where she is painting a face. Its amazing to see. I have always gone light to dark and she seem to go the other way around. I am going to have to try that technique and see how it works for me.

and last but not least is todays drawing.


Lynn said...

How fun to get art in the mail.
cool stuff!

iHanna said...

Zentangles are fun to make and mail is lots of fun too! Just came by to say hi!