Friday, October 24, 2008

The papers

Here is my second attempt at posting the pages. These are just the ones I did. The ones Kate did were just as nice. I hope they show up well. We followed the instructions here Some of the colors are so subtle that you may need to click on the page to see it better. This was really fun and I hope to do it again. We learned a lot our first try. Maybe I will have to do a video the next time.

Page 1. I used a comb on these.

Page 2, I used a comb tool and stamps.

Page 3, using a combing tool.

Page 4, once again playing with a combing tool I got from the paint dept.

Page 5, I used a comb here.

Page 6, I used a rolograph stamp here.

Page 7, using a rolograph stamp.

page 8, using a rolograph stamp to take off color.

Page 9, again using a rolograph stamp.

Page 10, and using another rolograph stamp. The layering of color is what makes it interesting.

Here is today's drawing..


Olivia said...

Just beautiful, Kate! It looks like a lot of work to make the paste, though...but the results are spectacular, especially with the rolograph stamp! More happy creating, O

sukipoet said...

I made some paste papers a month or so ago. Fun, but my paste was lumpy. Nice drawing. She looks pensive.

Sue said...

Hi Kate,
Paste papers are great fun aren't they. A less messy and quicker way is to use Wallpaper paste if you haven't tried it already. also if you want a darker finish use dry paper. I find that tube acrylics work best as you use less. I also add glitter and 'stuff' to mine before it dried and the paste helps it stick.

Love and brightest blessings,
Sue (Poppie) Simpson

Zom said...

These are great. I want to play!
I am glad you liked my Dreams are Vessels journal page. Thanks for stopping by.