Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nights in Rodanthe

I was sent this video this morning and thought I would share. Its all about art and sharing your process. I love how she took childhood pictures of herself and her sister and made them into small mermaids. They are really cute.

I wanted to go see The Secret Life of Bees last night but it wasn't showing here so I saw the Nights in Rodanthe instead. It was beautiful, sad, touching and emotional and very well done. Diane Lane is a favorite actress of mine and when you throw in Richard Greer on top of that how can you lose.

I just found out about this new blog called Urban Sketchers, it looks like it will be really interesting to see. Several people around the world who sketch their city and surroundings.

Here is todays drawing.


craftyhala said...

I haven't been to a movie in so long. I think I'll have to go alone and just let myself feel the guilt of not worrying about my family having any fun while I'm out enjoying myself...hehehehe.

sukipoet said...

A pensive face. Bizzare coincidence. I had never heard of Nights in Rodanthe before yesterday when a friend emailed me and said to see it as it has shots in it of her beloved Ocracoke Island. And now your write abt it. I have ordered it from Netflix

spread your wings said...

ah I really want to see that movie, well both of those movies, actually. I've read both of the books and really enjoyed them. Looks like a girls night out type of movie.
and I just posted a blog with a quote from "Secret Life of Bees" a couple of days ago.
I glad you shared this link to Urban Sketchers. I will definitely be going back there to check it out more closely.

Julie said...

I saw "Nights in Rodanthe" two weeks ago and loved it. Gere and Lane have terrific chemistry, don't they. Plus, a movie someone my age can see.

I saw "Bees" yesterday. I loved it too. I recommend it highly!